Friday, May 31, 2013

Some 420 Evaluations

British 420 Evaluations

England is one of the countries of the world, were cannabis is consumed the most. The herb is not only an important part of millions of people’s lives, but it is also an important part of the black market economy. This means that organize crime and other criminals benefit from the production and sales of this plant, which is why some 420 evaluations are currently being realized all over the world, to try and legalize cannabis.

According to some experts from this country, there are around two million marijuana users in their territory and the industry or illicit trade of cannabis is worth around six billion £. Some police reports also show that at least 750000 marijuana plants were confiscated by their officers, during the period of 2009 to 2010. It has also been found by the Independent Drug Monitoring Unit that British people consumer around 1000 tons of cannabis every single year.  

In the most recent studies about cannabis, it has been proven that the current prohibition laws, only promote the illicit trade of this herb, as it yields staggering profits. The plant is grown in many countries of the world and people are now taking these operations indoors, were they are harder to detect and only grow enough for personal use.

The current prohibitionist laws on cannabis have also created an uncountable number of gangsters, criminals, drug lords, contraband and some corrupted cops. These are certainly things that affect our society and that countries were cannabis is now legalized, are seeing much less of.
Some of the latest 420 evaluations have also proven that cannabis is not as dangerous as other drugs, like heroin, cocaine or LSD and that people accept that cannabis is not a start off drug as many consider it to be. The evaluations also proved that the marijuana industry is a lot larger than any of the other illicit drug industries out there and that it generates billions of Pounds every year.

According to the Daily Mail from the UK, consuming marijuana is also a lot less riskier than consuming any other drug, whether they are illegal or not. Some medical studies have also stated that those who consume cannabis have a less chance of suffering from mental diseases and that it is also good for battling cancer.

The British Lung Foundation has released some studies though, were they state that smoking cannabis can be as dangerous as smoking tobacco, which is why it is strongly recommended to cook marijuana edibles or use vaporizers to smoke this herb. This will prevent you from harming your lungs and fully benefiting from the marvels of cannabis.   

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