Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Can You Imagine What Marijuana Tourism Will Do?

Colorado May Now Accept Marijuana Tourism

Yesterday, a state task force in Colorado made a recommendation to start regulating cannabis for tourism, since the herb has already been made legal by residents of the State last year.  If this new recommendation is accepted, Colorado might be one of the first places in the US to admit marijuana tourism and this means that the legalization of cannabis is a lot closer than we think.

 Even if many people in the State are considering to accept regulating cannabis for tourists, they are still think about those regulations and it would be important for the State’s authorities to remember tourists that they cannot take any marijuana back home, which is why some signs in airports and at the State’s borders are being considered.

The Colorado’s marijuana task force has had several meetings, to try and come up with new regulations, after marijuana was made legal by voters in the State, even though the herb is still illegal according to federal law.  The task force has come up with some ideas and one of them is to accept marijuana tourism, since the constitutional amendment on marijuana, states that any person who is over 21 years of age can use the herb and it does not say anything about being available only for Colorado residents. This means, that lawmakers could agree on the herb being freely available to tourists in Colorado and that they could also smoke it freely.

Still Some Things To Settle, Before We See Marijuana Tourism In Colorado

According to Rep. Dan Pabon, who is a Denver Democrat, allowing only Colorado residents to use marijuana, would create a black market and this is certainly something that nobody wants.

There are still some decisions to be made, as some believe that traffickers would take advantage of these new laws, to get marijuana to other States in the US, which is why they are still trying to decide how to prevent this from happening and how to protect the State’s borders.

Growing cannabis in Colorado is also accepted now, but there are still some skeptics who think that the marijuana gardens should have more than a chain around them, to prevent children from having access to them and seeing the plants.

The public use of cannabis is still one of the important topics about this new recommendation, as some believe that cannabis smokers should only smoke the herb inside a house, while others believe that they should be able to smoke it on their porch, if they so want to.  If someone is allowed to drink a beer on their porch or backyard, we should also be allowed to smoke a joint on our porch or backyard. After all, it is our house and it is our life.

Colorado’s Marijuana Tourism Story, May Start After February 28th

The task force has until Feb 28th for recommending their new regulations, if you want to stay informed about this and other cannabis news, subscribe to our club to the right and please remember to share and like this article. Marijuana tourism may occur within a few weeks and the legalization of cannabis is closer than ever.

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