Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Bill For the Legalization Of Cannabis In Maine

The Legalization Of Cannabis Is Soon To Come To Maine

It was last Thursday, when some of the politicians in Maine, decided to unveil a bill about the legalization of cannabis and it includes allowing it for recreational purposes within the State. The bill was proposed by Republican Diana Russell and it was also sponsored by Republican Aron Libby. If this bill is to be accepted it will certainly change the State, as it would no longer penalize people for the possession of cannabis and there would be several businesses selling the herb.

It was during a press conference that Russell and some other politicians stated that they believe the current laws about cannabis are only sending people to prison, who are really not criminals and are doing nothing more than medicating themselves or using it as entertainment, just like millions of people do with alcohol every day.  Russell also said that the current laws on cannabis are not allowing the government to benefit from taxes and to earn millions of dollars.

According to Russell, if Maine would accept the legalization of cannabis and would tax it, they would get around $13 million per year, which she believes should be used for the State’s General Fund, as it is where funding for public education and almost all social service funds come from. She also stated the rest of the money should help to keep the bill or new law, that it should be used for creating prevention and substance abuse programs, as well as for doing more studies on the benefits of cannabis.

The Legalization Of Cannabis In One More State

Maine already has its own medicinal cannabis dispensaries and they have had no problems with them, since medicinal cannabis was accepted in the State. Now, Russell and many people believe that this new bill can finally be accepted and to make cannabis or recreational purposes accepted here.  This is exactly what Russell had to say “We have proven here in Maine that this can be done for medicinal purposes and it’s now time to institute that same strict regulatory infrastructure for responsible adult recreational consumers.”

A similar bill was rejecting last year in Maine, but now many are confident that there will be enough votes to get this new bill accepted.  Russell proposal includes allowing people who are over 21 years of age to grow no more than six cannabis plants indoors. She also stated that adults could give the herb to other adults, without charging them anything and without being penalized for anything. The bill would also allow the herb to be smoked anywhere and the Department of Administrative and Financial Services would be in charge of the licenses for cannabis dispensaries, growing businesses, product manufacturing and test labs.

Support The Legalization Of Cannabis

It is time for cannabis to become legal everywhere, as it is helpful for many and it can also be fun. Please remember to share this article about the legalization of cannabis and to like it too.

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