Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Government Of Uruguay Recommends Eating Marijuana

Eating Marijuana Is A Great Idea!

Uruguay is one of the countries that have almost accomplished the legalization of cannabis and most of its residents are in favor of legalizing it. The Government of Uruguay is looking to legalize marijuana, as they believe it is a great strategy for lowering violence and other crimes.  Now, government officials in this country are launching a campaign to alert its citizens about the benefits of eating cannabis and smoking it with a water pipe, rather than smoking it in a normal joint.

Julio Calzada, who is the General National Drug Secretary in Uruguay, stated to the press that the government is trying let its citizens know about the risks of smoking cannabis and that they are trying to minimize them, just like it is done with tobacco and alcohol.

He also stated that it is the government’s job to launch these health campaigns and to let everyone know about the different risks or benefits of certain substances, in this case cannabis.  Calzada also stated that the government does not promote consuming substances that are a risk factor to someone’s health, but that they do inform about the least risky methods of consuming them.

Calzada also talked about the risks of smoking cannabis, which are similar to smoking tobacco, as it can affect the lungs and that this is why the Government of Uruguay recommends eating marijuana or smoking it in a water pipe, to prevent some of the risks.  Another Uruguayan government official, Jose Mujica, stated that he believed the government should give away marijuana for free, as this would stop any trafficking and would lower criminal rates as well.

Eating Marijuana Is Not Only Healthier, It Is Delicious Too!

Just like the Government of Uruguay recommends its people to consume cannabis orally instead of inhaling it, I also recommend it and there are millions of experts that do so too.  Eating marijuana can be a lot healthier than smoking it and even though, cannabis is not nearly as harmful as tobacco or other drugs, prevention will always be the best road.

Medical studies have now proven that consuming marijuana in brownies, lollipops, candy, cakes, ice cream, meatloaf and other foods, is a lot healthier than smoking it and that it can also increase the effects of marijuana in your body, as well as the time that they last.

When you eat food that has THC or marijuana in it, you will most likely enjoy it a lot and after a few minutes you will start feeling its effects. People who don’t like smoking or who are concerned about their health, should consider this the next time you want to smoke some cannabis, as it is healthier and delicious too.

Eating Marijuana Is Recommended For Medicinal AndRecreational Use

So if you are a fan of smoking cannabis or you do it for medicinal purposes, you should really consider eating it instead, as you will prevent your lungs from filling with smoke and other health problems.  Please remember to share/like this article and to join our club to the right, so that we can send you some of the best eating marijuana recipes out there.

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