Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Cannabis Clothing For You

Using Cannabis Clothing To Smoke With Class

If you smoke cannabis, you know that dressing certain way can make you feel different about yourself and this is why I am going to tell you about some cannabis clothing, which I am pretty sure, will help you to blaze out a lot more relaxed.  So keep reading and follow us on Twitter @Zip_420 to learn more about smoking cannabis and cannabis history.

Here are a few clothes that you should own if you smoke cannabis.

  • ·         The Common Shirt Pocket

There is really no better place to put your cannabis bag in, than your shirt pocket. Not only is this very convenient, it is also quite easy to hide and it also keeps you from forgetting were you left your stash. I really use my shirts pockets to store my cannabis when I am on the go and especially when I am around my house. There is no point in leaving it on the table, when you can have it with you at all times.

  • ·         Dark Jeans

If you smoke cannabis regularly, you will not let me lie, but it is certainly not one of the cleanest habits that one could have. Smoking cannabis means that there will be ash and if you are not careful you could easily dirty your clothes. Wearing dark jeans is always a good idea, as they will prevent this from happening and you will look great even after you have just smoked a joint.

  • ·         Gloves

Those of us who are lucky enough to be able to smoke cannabis indoors, do not have to worry about wearing gloves outdoors when it is cold, but if you are not that lucky these are essential for having a nice joint outside when it is cold. Using the right cannabis clothing will make your smoke a lot better.

Some Cannabis Clothing For Girls

  • ·         Hair Tie

Those girls who like to smoke cannabis should think about wearing some hair ties, as these will prevent your hair from getting in your way and even from getting burnt. There are many ways that your hair could get in your way when you are trying to smoke some cannabis and this is why having a hair tie accessible, is always a good idea. 

  •  Tennis Shoes

Girls should really not be smoking cannabis with high heels, not because they might fall or anything, but because they simply do not look comfortable at all. I don't wear high heels, but who wants to smoke a joint and have some uncomfortable shoes on, certainly not me!

Wear the Right Cannabis Clothing

Now you are more than ready to go out there and smoke some cannabis. Remember that dressing comfortably will always help you to have a better time and that there are many types of clothing that you can start wearing today and that will make you look nicer too. Please share and like our articles, so that more people can learn about cannabis clothing.  

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