Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Largest Cannabis Shop Yet

Seattle Gets A Super Cannabis Shop

The beautiful city of Seattle is now home to possibly the largest cannabis shop yet. It is located in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood and it is just like walking in to one of the large Whole Foods supermarkets that are around the city.

This shop has been named “Green Ambrosia” and it was opened last week. It is without a doubt the largest medical cannabis dispensary and according to its owner, it will change how cannabis is perceived in this city and all over the world. The shop was able to open its doors because Initiative 502 was accepted last year and it helps to regulate marijuana for recreational use, within the State of Washington.

Many people speculate that this is how other cannabis shops will look in the future and a lot is expected from Green Ambrosia. The owner of this super shop is Dante Jones and he stated that even though his business has been operating since 2011, they had not been able to open a storefront until last week, which is certainly one of the most important goals that they had.

A Cannabis Shop Were You Will Find Everything

Even if there are still some restrictions as to how much marijuana a cannabis shop can sell or have in its store at a certain time, Green Ambrosia is offering a large selection of cannabis and it is surely going to be changing everyone’s perspective about this herb.

Store owners like Jones, are still not certain about how some of the licenses will be operating for the business that will be offering different types of cannabis products, but they are certain that some regulations will be released very soon and that these are going to be more than fair.

Jones also stated that they are getting ready for when these new licenses and regulations are made public, which is why they are confident that their business will continue to operate successfully. There are now several forums being held publicly, in order to determine how recreational cannabis should be licensed and the results will surely not take very long. Even if some are still in doubt about these new regulations and federal law is not yet accepting cannabis in all of the country, Washington State is going to demonstrate to the world what could be different when cannabis is accepted widely.

Cannabis Shop Will Soon In Every City Of The World

Here at ZIP420, we believe that the legalization of cannabis will take place all over the world soon and that Washington, as well as Colorado, will show us the road. New changes are happening all of the time and it is finally time for the entire world to accept marijuana, as it is not dangerous and it does help a lot of people.
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