Thursday, February 28, 2013

Facts About Cannabis And Queen Victoria

A Physician From Queen Victoria’s Time Writes The Facts About Cannabis

It was not uncommon for people in the 19th century to use cannabis for medical purposes, such as rheumatism and muscle spasms.  According to some writings that one of Queen Victoria’s physician left, they even gave the queen some cannabis to ease her from the pains that her menstrual period caused her.  The records show that it was the syringe’s invention what would later stop the widespread medicinal use of cannabis and these are some facts about cannabis that have really changed the world.

In 1890, Queen Victoria was in charge of the English monarchy and her doctor was Sir J. Russel Reynolds.  There is proof that Sir Russel recommended cannabis to the queen, in order to control her menstrual cramps and to alleviate her pain during those days.

If you can find a copy an 1890 English journal named “The Lancet”, you can read about Sir Russel’s recommendations to the queen and this was the most prestigious and professional medical journal at the time.  This is one of the phrases that Sir Russel wrote about cannabis in this journal, “When pure and administered carefully, cannabis is one of the most valuable medicines we possess.”

The Real Facts About Cannabis

Not only was cannabis useful for Queen Victoria, but it is also very useful to millions of people today. If this herb is so helpful and the facts about cannabis prove that it does more good than bad, why should it be kept from the hands of those patients and why is anyone to be told what they can and cannot consume. If this is supposed to be a free world, why should we not be allowed to consume this herb that grows on its own and that has been consumed by our ancestors for millennia?

At Zip420, we do not believe that this herb should be prohibited for medicinal or recreational purposes and just as Queen Victoria once used it to forget about her menstrual cramps, people should be able to use it for alleviating nauseas, muscle pain and other illnesses.

Scientists are now discovering many facts about cannabis and it is now obvious that this herb is more beneficial than harmful, which is why several States in the US have already changed their view on it and why so many countries are now accepting cannabis openly.

The Facts About Cannabis Prove The This Herb Is Beneficial

Not only did Sir Russel notice the benefits of medical cannabis back in 1890, but there are also millions of other physicians and scientists who believe and have found that cannabis is in fact beneficial for our health in many ways.

New studies will take place in the future and they will show us more about what cannabis can do for us and why it should not be prohibited to anybody in this world. Please remember to share and like these facts about cannabis and to join our club to the right, so we can keep you informed.

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