Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Cannabis Documentary About Canada

Watch This Cannabis Documentary About The Herb In Canada

According to police enforcers in the beautiful country of Canada, there is now at least one growing operation, within every few households and cannabis growing is now gaining popularity in most parts of this country. Although there are still many people who are not in favor of legalizing the herb or do not want to see it in their neighborhoods, there are now also many who favor it and who are growing it on a regular basis.

There is no doubt about the benefits of medical cannabis, but in Canada it has already gone further than that. People are growing it outdoors, indoors and in almost any place that they can.  Former politicians in Canada are also growing the herb and whether they are doing it for medical, recreational or industrial purposes, it is obvious that millions of people want the legalization of cannabis to take place.

It is said that at least 20000 people who live in British Columbia grow their own cannabis and it is also believed that many of them grow it to make some money out of it. Some people believe that cannabis is already part of their town’s culture and when they look at what their ancestors used cannabis for, they are more than certain that marijuana should still be part of their lives.

This Cannabis Documentary Shows The Truth

In the cannabis documentary that you can watch below, (which was not uploaded to YouTube by Zip420 and we do not know the person who did), you can see how the ex mayor of Forks,Canada, admitted that he liked smoking cannabis every now and then, which caused him to lose the next elections that he was part of.

The cannabis documentary also shows what the current laws on Cannabis are doing to Canada’s and the world’s security, as there are now many gangs, police enforcers and users who have to be armed in order to protect themselves.  As cannabis growing operations get more sophisticated, the people who operate them also get more worried about their security and they try to protect them in any way that they can.

Cannabis is a very large business and as long as people consume it, there will be someone selling it. According to some of the people in the video, there are only two groups of people who win with the current cannabis laws and those are the organized crime groups and their lawyers. The taxpayers are the people that lose with the current cannabis laws, as we have to keep jails functioning, pay for law enforcement and more.

Watch This Cannabis Documentary And Learn 

After watching the video, you will see what is happening in Canada and what could happen if the legalization of cannabis would take place. In the video you will see some people who are selling the herb underground and you will see what some cops think about it and how they are not keeping the law as much as they used to in the past. Please remember to share and like this article, so that more people can see this cannabis documentary and learn more about the herb. 

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