Monday, February 11, 2013

A Little Cannabis History

Cannabis History Is Quite Impressive

Not many of us are very good at history and even those of us who love cannabis, are usually not very well informed about cannabis history.  In this article I will tell you something cannabis that you probably did not know and that could actually be very helpful for all us.

Henry Ford was without out a doubt, one of the most important minds in all of America and one of his most popular sayings was “There's enough alcohol in one year's yield of an acre of potatoes to drive the machinery necessary to cultivate the fields for one hundred years.”

Ford also knew about the importance of hemp and he believed that ethanol made from any vegetable, plan and especially hemp, would one day become the most important fuel in the world. Unfortunately, the machinery or engines that were available during Henry Ford’s time were not very the best for running on ethanol, but this visionary man was even able to produce an entire vehicle made out of hemp and he even made it run on ethanol made from hemp.

The resin that this car was made from was entirely made out from hemp fiber and Henry Ford also stated that he believed that cultivating hemp would produce an incredible amount of economic resources and today our world would be completely different if his ideas had been accepted.

Hoping For Changes In Cannabis History

Ford’s plans to create cars made out from hemp fiber and ethanol that was created from hemp as well, would of have really made our world different and the cannabis history that we know today would be entirely different as well.

If hemp was used today to produce ethanol and some of the fibers in our cars, we would depend a lot less on gasoline and diesel, which would certainly benefit our environment and economy as well.

Our forests would have certainly benefited from this too, as not many trees would be cut down every year and even our farmers could have another very productive crop to grow. If Henry Ford’s ideas had prospered, we would have a whole different transportation system; a system that would create less contamination, a system that would create more jobs and a system that would make the entire world a lot better.  

Cannabis History Should BeVery Different

Another incredible fact in cannabis history is that hemp does not contain nearly the amount of THC that cannabis does and this means that it could not get anyone high. You would need to smoke several acres of hemp in order to get a buzz and this is why I cannot believe that hemp was made illegal.

Cannabis and hemp can produce ethanol, they are easy to grow, and they can withstand different climates and could save our forests. Hemp can be used to produce many things and since it does not get you high, there really should be no reason for it being illegal. It has only been banned, because it looks like cannabis and maybe because some people did not want it to substitute oil. You can be the judge of that.

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