Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nederland Is Taking First Steps Towards The Legalization Of Cannabis

The Legalization Of Cannabis Will Happen One Day And Soon!

The small town of Nederland, Colorado might be the first to regulate cannabis in America and make it very similar to alcohol.  This 1500 citizen hippie town is trying to pass an ordinance that will accept the legalization of cannabis and that will change America forever.

According to Rico Colibri, who is known for supporting cannabis, said in an interview by CBS, “The ordinance will regulate marijuana establishments in a fashion similar to alcohol and there’s different licenses proposed in the Constitution.  Colibri has been living in Nederland since January and he believes that once Amendment 64 is passed, the small Colorado town will look a lot more like the Netherlands.  I certainly want to see this happen and according to some of the people in the town and even its Mayor, it is very likely that the Amendment will pass, as the town is mostly all in favor of cannabis use, for both medical and recreational use.  

Will NederlandTake The Next Step For The Legalization Of Cannabis?

The ordinance is planned to sell cannabis, only to those people who are of age and there would be certain establishments that would be allowed to do so.  The Mayor of the town, Joe Gierlach said that they are going to have a meeting on Feb 26th and that it is then when they will be deciding what to do about the process in this ordinance. The Mayor will be meeting with his board of trustees and many of the people in this town are very optimistic about it.

The ordinance only requires 90 signatures in order to be accepted, but the goal is to get 420. Once the minimum signatures have been collected and the town has accepted the ordinance, it might also have to be placed in the town’s next voting ballot.

Colibri also thinks that because the town of Nederland has a small population, it will be extremely easy to collect all of the signatures that we need for the legalization of cannabis to take place in this small town of America.  Nederland’s Mayor said that it is just part of their culture and that he hopes the entire town can come to an agreement, as to how the recreational use of cannabis should be handled there.

TheLegalization Of Cannabis In Nederland Will Increase Tourism

Just like Amsterdam and other cities that have accepted or have a high tolerance for cannabis smokers, when this ordinance is accepted in this small, yet very beautiful Colorado town, tourism will increase dramatically and this will bring more profits to local businesses.

The acceptance of this ordinance will also help to boost up the economy of the town of Nederland and to provide a better way of life for its residents. Please help to raise awareness about what is going on, by sharing and liking the article. The legalization of cannabis will take place one day, join our club at the right and we'll let you know about cool things!

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