Monday, February 25, 2013

Willie Nelson Is Part Of The Famous Marijuana Smokers Club

One Of The Top Famous Marijuana Smokers

Willie Nelson is without a doubt, one of the most iconic, influencing and popular artists in the music industry. He has been awarded ten Grammys and he has also helped a lot of people throughout his career. Not only is he a great singer and artist, but Willie has also recently written a book about his life, which is titled "Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die." We all know about Willie's ideas on cannabis and this is why at Zip420, we recognize him as one of the famous marijuana smokers. 

Most people know that Willie's favorite pastime or hobby is to smoke marijuana and he has made it public many times. Last November, Willie appeared in the "Piers Morgan Show" and he had an amazing interview. As soon as the interview started, Willie was asked a question, which almost noboody expected. The host asked Willie if he had smoked cannabis right before the show and if he was in his typical haze state. Willie did not hesitate to answer and he even said that he might of had smoke some cannabis earlier that morning, but that he did not recall it pretty well, as he made a small joke about short term memory loss.

This was only one of the times that Willie has talked about cannabis in public and he even talked about some of his famous friends, with whom he smokes cannabis together with, many times per year.

Revelations Of Famous Marijuana Smokers

During that interview, Willie, who has created more than 60 studio albums and is a famous country music star, also commented about some of the people that he smokes cannabis with and he told the public a great story about him and famous rapper Snoop Dogg. According to Willie, he was once in the city of Amsterdam, when he received a call from his close friend Snoop Dogg, with whom he smokes cannabis on a regular basis and talked about recording a song together.

Willie said in the interview, that when Snoop Dogg found out he was in Amsterdam, Snoop took the first plane that he could and met his friend in the Neatherlands.  They both then spent a few days relaxing, smoking cannabis and recording a new song together. This is certainly a good story about two of the most famous marijuana smokers ever and it also shows how cannabis has helped, this two very different artists to work together.

Famous Marijuana Smokers And Common People Do Not Need To Visit Amsterdam To Smoke Cannabis Anymore

Just like Willie Nelson said in his interview last November, things will be changing for everyone who smokes cannabis, as it will no longer be necessary to travel all of the way to Amsterdam to have a little fun. Because, several States in the US have now legalized cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes, cannabis enthusiasts no longer have to travel long distances to smoke a joint and this is just what Willie Nelson said. Now, according to Willie, we can all now go to Colorado and have some fun, as cannabis laws have changed in that State and you can smoke cannabis even if you are a tourist.

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