Friday, February 22, 2013

Former US Attorney Now Favors Medical Marij

This Is Only One Story About The Benefits Of Medical Marij

The benefits of cannabis, marijuana, ganja, Mary Jane or however you want to call this herb are now being publicly attested by many people and even important ones. There is now no doubt, about the benefits of medical marij and how it can help to keep pain at very low levels, how it can make nausea go away and how it can relieve people from other types of suffering.  

Many are still skeptical about the benefit of medicinal cannabis and what it can do for some people, but there are now many important politicians, medical experts, scientists and patients who are testifying to these benefits publicly and one of them is former US Attorney Mel McDonald.  This man was a in President Ronald Reagan’s campaign against drugs and he is now accepting the benefits of medicinal cannabis and even making statements in public.

Although his story is very sad and we hope that his son does feel better, his story is worth telling and this is exactly what happened.

It was on August 8, 1997 when McDonald’s stepson suffered a terrible accident. He was playing with his go-pad and when he tried crossing the street riding on it, he was hit by a vehicle that was passing by. The boy has suffered many medical problems since then and these include epilepsies, seizures and nausea almost all the time. The boy also went from 180 pounds to 119 and had lost his appetite entirely.

A friend of the boy, decided to offer him some marijuana one day and since then his life has been very different.  The exact words of Mel were “With all of the medicines that we’ve used since 1997, not one has ever been able to solve the problem of the deep and acute nausea other than marijuana. Do not criminalize people that desperately need medicine to help them eat and remain alive. Don’t criminalize it and force people like my wife to go underground and to commit crimes to spare the life of her son. “

Here is a video that I found in YouTube (Not made by Zip420), which shows an interview of the former US Attorney talking about the topic.

The Former Attorney Had Even More To Say About Medical Marij

Just like McDonald’s poor stepson, there are also other who benefit a lot from cannabis and the stories about medical marij are now endless. The former US Attorney had even more to say about his thoughts on medicinal cannabis and the Huffington Post made it public recently: 
Marijuana is the one plant out there that solves enormous problems for people with not only a seizure disorder like my son, but also with cancer and other illness. What I’ve tried to do is become a vocal proponent that this is not contrived. You don’t have to be riding a skateboard with long hair and be a hippy to realize that there are genuine people that need this. And people that take efforts to block it…are just wrong!

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