Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bob Marley Marijuana Idol!

The Bob Marley Marijuana Tradition Is Still Alive

Bob Marley was definitely one of the most famous cannabis smokers of all time and not only did he love to smoke the herb, but he was also an activist and talked about marijuana in public, during a time when most people discouraged the use of this herb.  The Bob Marley marijuana movement is not over and even though he is not with us anymore, his music and thoughts are still influencing many.

In this post, you will be able to read and watch a short interview about what Bob Marley thought and what he hoped for.

Most of you probably did not know that Bob Marley’s real name was Nesta Robert Marley and that he was born on February 6, 1945. He was a singer from Jamaica, who also composed his own music and wrote his own songs.

Bob Marley was born in a small town named Nine Mile, Jamaica and had a normal youth, but some strong problems with his racial identity. This was a problem for him all throughout his life, yet he was able to succeed and to become one of the most famous artists of all times. He is also one of the most famous cannabis smokers and that is why he deserves a place in our blog.

Other Facts About The Bob Marley Marijuana Movement

Bob Marley was also known for being part of the Rastafari movement in Jamaica at those times, which tried to implement or make reggae more popular around the world. (They surely did a great job at it!) Thanks to the Bob Marley marijuana movement and the Rastafari movement were able to reach the world and international music scene very fast and they are still famous today.

Few of you might know, that Bob Marley was also a father and that he had in fact, several children. This famous cannabis smoker had three children with his wife Rita, he also adopted two children that his wife had before meeting him and he even had other children with some unknown women.

Overall, Bob Marley was a great figure and he certainly had many great beliefs. His death on May 11, 1981 was very sad, as he was only 36 years old and still had many things to do in life. Bob Marley’s funeral took place on May 21, 1981 as his body was taken from Miami to Jamaica. The world would be different, if Bob Marley was still alive!

The Bob Marley Marijuana Interview

I found the following video on YouTube (I have no idea who the person who uploaded it is) and I thought it was worth posting it here.  It is an interview that Bob Marley had and it shows exactly what he thinks about marijuana and smoking the herb.

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  1. Not a user myself, but I have an open mind about the freedom of choice for other people. The laws regarding the use of this are presently both confusing and contradictory.

  2. Thank you for your comment Angus, it is appreciated. I also agree aboutbpeople being able choose for themselves and that the current laws are both confusing and contradictory. That is what I will try to solve in this blog and to keep you all updated about.