Wednesday, February 27, 2013

5 Of The Best Marijuana Movies

A List Of Some Of The Best Marijuana Movies

In this article, I am going to tell you about five of the best marijuana movies, according to me and soon, I will publish another list. These movies have made me laughed and others have changed my point of view about cannabis, but I assure you that all of them are very good. 

So if you have some free time this week, sit on your couch, grab some munchies and watch some of the movies I am going to mention here.

The Best Marijuana Movies List

  • Harold and Kumar - It first started with "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle", which is an excellent movie and will make you laugh a lot. The scene with Kumar and the Mary Jane bag is simply hilarious and you will surely enjoy it a lot. Then "Harold and Kumar go to Guantanamo Bay was released and it is also a very funny movie to watch. The scene with George Bush is awesome and makes the movie worth watching. This trilogy ends with "A very Harold and Kumar Christmas", which is also very good and is even available in 3D.
  • Smiley Face - If you like comedies, you will certainly enjoy Smiley Face. Here you will see how a young actress changes her life after she eats a brownie with cannibis and all of the things she does will make you laugh. 
  • Up in Smoke - This is simply a movie that you must watch, if you enjoy cannabis, as it is a classic and it features Cheech and Chong, who are two very famous characters from the 70s. Although this is an old movie, it will still make you laugh a lot.
  • Half Baked - This is another of the best marijuana movies and although it is also a little old, it is now being considered as a Zip420 classic. This movie is really and it has some great scenes. Even if some of the things the characters get involved in, are really dumb, they will surely make you have a good time and smile.
  • How High - This is also a great movie and the way the two characters get through Harvard, shows how cannabis can actually be combined with a productive life. This is a great comedy, but it also shows some facts about cannabis, which makes this movie worth watching for sure.

Stay Tuned For More Of The Best Marijuana Movies

Zip420 is all about cannabis and I hope that you enjoy the movies I mentioned above. Soon I will create another list including more movies and I will also create one about great TV series or shows related to marijuana and that are great to watch too. Please remember to share and like this article and to visit again, to stay informed about medicinal and recreational cannabis news. You can also join our club to the right, so we can tell you more about the best marijuana movies ever and to keep you informed about interesting things.

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