Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Marijuana Controversy In Massachusetts

One Day There Will Be No Marijuana Controversy!

The new medical marijuana law around the world, are creating a huge controversy, as they are being accepted by different States, even when the federal government does not accept the use of cannabis for either medical or recreational use.  There is a marijuana controversy going on right now in Massachusetts, as they are having this exact problem with their laws on medical cannabis and have to fight against the federal laws, which have been prohibiting cannabis for around 75 years now.

Now, this problem could really become serious in this American State, as a large number of people could end up losing their jobs, if they consume cannabis for medicinal purposes.  According to some experts, people who are currently using cannabis for some health benefits in the State of Massachusetts, could lose their jobs, especially if they are doctors or employees at a company that requires them to report, if they are consuming any drugs.

Another example of people who are in danger of losing their jobs if they consume cannabis are transportation workers, as they need to tell their employers when they are consuming a prescription drug or an over the counter medicine. This could definitely affect their careers and many could end up bankrupt, if something is not done about this now.

According to the experts, there is also a marijuana controversy in the Police departments of Massachusetts, as sometimes their officers have problems deciding whether to apply the federal or State laws, when it comes to marijuana possession, although most of the time, federal law wins.  Experts have also commented on the use of medical marijuana for police officers and they say that this is simply out of the question. According to others, no cop should be under the influence of cannabis while they are on the job and many believe that they should not be driving or handling guns either.

Marijuana Controversy Is Close To An Ending

The State of Massachusetts is also having a discussion on whether it should grant medical marijuana patients gun licenses or not, as some believe that someone who possesses marijuana should not be allowed to own a gun at the same time.  The question comes, when an applicant declares that they are a medical marijuana patient, but are not allowed to posses this substance according to federal law.

Some residents of Massachusetts, argue that they should take a look at what Oregon is doing, as their State Supreme Court ruled that no sheriff or police departments has the authority to deny a weapon permit to an applicant, only because they are also declaring that they use medical marijuana. This is happening right now, even if the US Supreme Court declined the Oregon case hearing and federal law, still bans the possession of marijuana and guns.

Let’s End The Marijuana Controversy

More people now accept the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes and we should also allow it for recreational purposes, as it does less harm and would benefit the world in many ways.  Please remember to share and like the article and to register to our club so that we can tell you about other cool things. Let’s end the marijuana controversy now.

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