Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ways To Smoke Weed Correctly

Polite Ways To Smoke Weed

Ways To Smoke Weed

If you like smoking weed or cannabis, you should really know all about the polite ways to smoke weed, because this will allow you to meet more people, to make more friends and simply to be a more sociable person. Nobody likes someone who finishes the blunt that is being passed around all by themselves and this is why I am going to give you a few tips for smoking weed, without making your friends mad at you or disliking you.

The politeness that you will need to follow on certain occasions will depend on how you are smoking cannabis and who you are with. Some people really do not care when they are passing around a spliff (when tobacco and cannabis are mixed together), as this is usually not high quality cannabis and most people do not care wasting it.  

If you are passing around a normal joint, you should really try not to wet it with your lips, as many people do not like the wet feeling when they are about to take a drag. You should also consider saving your roaches, as these could be really useful for rolling another joint, especially if there is a lot of people and there is only little cannabis to go around.  Even if this might not look so high class, it is certainly a good way to save some weed and it can also increase your joint’s potency a bit.

Polite Ways To Smoke Weed With Pipes And Bongs

It is a good idea to pass around a bong or pipe, with a fresh new hit of cannabis, because nobody likes smoking the leftover ashes of a bowl. Putting a green hit into the bong’s or pipe’s bowl, is always a very polite thing to do, before you pass it over and it will surely show your friends that you care about them.

Some people are accustomed to keeping the bong or pipe for a long time and this is certainly not one of the polite ways to smoke weed. This could really make your friend angry towards you and it could even lead to not being invited for the next cannabis smoking get together. If you do not want this happening to you, remember to always be courteous and to share your cannabis with others, after all there are always ways of getting some more and if the legalization of cannabis occurs soon, (as I am convinced it will), you will certainly have no problem buying some without having to worry about the police chasing you or putting you behind bars.

There are certainly many polite ways to smoke weed today and this is why you should always try to be as friendly as possible, when you are smoking with someone else. This will only make you feel better and it will also increase your buzz. Being friendly is what smoking cannabis is all about and this is why we need to promote the legalization of cannabis.

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