Friday, March 1, 2013

More Specifications For Marijuana Laws In Colorado

Marijuana Laws Are Now Better Established In Colorado

It was yesterday, that the task force set by Colorado State, finally came to a decision and made it clearer for everyone, how marijuana is to be handled in the State from now on.  The newly established marijuana laws, have already changed the world and they will change it even more. The legalization of cannabis must take place everywhere and I am sure that these new laws will help to clarify that for everyone.

Even if Ammendment 64, which was implemented by Colorado's Task Force, taxes marijuana heavily, this is something that needed to be done and that will benefit all of us. The Ammendment specifies that cannabis will not be smoked in bars or restaurants, that it will be grown indoors and much more. These new laws make how the herb is to be used, very clear and this will certainly help to improve our entire society.

Colorado's Marijuana Laws Will Change The World

The new laws about cannabis in Colorado will really change everyone's point of view sooner or later and they are benefiting a lot of people already. The new laws in Colorado, state that cannabis can be sold to people from another State, as long as they are within Colorado's borders. The new marijuana laws also state that the herb can be handed out from a grower to another person an ounce at a time, which will certainly help all medical cannabis patients and will help to stop the black market for cannabis. The new laws, also state that the sale of marijuana in Colorado, will be heavily watched by state regulators and that everyone in the activity, should follow the guidelines, if they do not want any legal problems.

It took around 80 days for the Colorado Task Force to come up with these new laws, but they have finally been made public and at Zip420, we are very happy about it. The Task Force, looked at about 100 different issues concerning cannabis in Colorado and these included taxing, criminal enforcement, product labeling and even child protection. With these new regulations, cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes, is taking a whole new road  and this has certainly never been seen before, in all of human history.

Final Touches To Colorado's New Marijuana Laws

Now, the recommendations that were made by the Task Force, will be checked by the State's lawmakers, who will make some minor adjustments and then turn them into a bill. Governor John Hickenlooper, thanked the Task Force for their job and also appears to be very happy about the new laws. The session lasted for five hours yesterday and even if not many new proposals were made, the Task Force took their time to make a wise decision. The legalization of cannabis is taking place right now and our entire world will soon change. Please remember to share and like this article about the new marijuana laws in Colorado and to join our club to right, so we can keep you informed about great stuff.

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