Saturday, May 18, 2013

Can You Lose Weight Smoking Cannabis?

Cannabis Can Help To Keep You In Shape

Recent studies have proven that consuming cannabis, can actually help you to stay slim, even if you do get the munchies and eat a lot of snacks. There is no doubt about most people who consume marijuana being slimmer than those who don't and this is why those who want to lose weight should consider it or at least favor the legalization of this herb.  

The studies were based on over 4000 people and it became obvious for researchers that those who cosume marijuana, were able to maintain lower insulin levels, even if they consumed alcohol, tobacco or some types of foods. 

The amount of marijuana that a person consumes, has nothing to do with how slim they are, but the studies did prove that those people who have lighted up in the past, tend to be in better shape and slimmer than those who have not. The studies even found that those people who smoke marijuana regularly are not the ones that lose the most weight, but that those people who only smoke every once in a while, can keep their waistlines in shape. 

Why Does Cannabis Help Us To Lose Weight?

The researchers who conducted these studies, are still not very certain about why marijuana helps people to stay slim, since it is known to help increase appetite and to make people want to eat extraordinary amounts of foods. Researchers believe that the compounds in cannabis are what causes people to stay slim, even though they eat a lot of munchies and spend most of their day eating unhealthy snacks. 

The results in these studies, were not based on many scientific facts, but instead on averages and statistics, which prove that those who consume this herb every now and then, tend to stay much slimmer than those who do not consume marijuana at all. 

There is no doubt about some of the compounds in marijuana being healthy for our bodies and how they help to ease anxiety, nerve pain, glaucoma problems and people who suffer from cancer as well. This is why some governments are deciding to legalize medical marijuana and why more people are becoming aware of the true benefits of this herb.

Cannabis Is A Useful Herb

As you can see, marijuana is not only a medicine, but it can also help people to look good and to stay in shape. There are many reason why we need to legalize this herb around the world and knowing that cannabis can help people to lose some weight and maintain their waistlines is one of them. 

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