Sunday, May 19, 2013

Talking About The Effects Of Marijuana

What Are The Real Effects Of Marijuana?

It has been a while since I shared some of the documentaries about cannabis that I really enjoy and that I believe can also help people to realize more about the real effects of marijuana and how this herb affects our world. I found this documentary in YouTube and although I have no idea of who uploaded it, I know that it is a documentary that we can trust, as it comes from BBC, which is one of the most important television channels in the UK and the world. 

The video in this article, is from a series that was broadcasted by BBC in 2011. While some of the things on this documentary might be outdated, there are several interviews that I thought were very important and which have some very interesting ideas about the legalization of this herb. 

In this documentary, you will also get to see some of the things that cannabis users are doing in the UK, the US and other parts of the world. It shows how some teenagers have decided to grow their own, even though it is illegal, because they believe that it is much better to grow our own, than to give our money to organized crime members and towards buying low quality marijuana. 

There is even an interview with a family, who admits to having given their teenage son his first joint and they even appear smoking the herb together. They admit that this is a thing that society should accept and that they do not see any harm from the effects of marijuana, which is why they have decided to allow their son to smoke this herb when he does not have school the next day.

There Is No Need To Be Scared About The Effects Of Marijuana

In the video, you will be able to see how people from the UK and the US get their cannabis and how some use medical cannabis legalization to get this herb for recreational purposes. The video also shows how some people who actually need marijuana as a medicine, are living in places were the herb is not legal yet and this should be enough to convince anyone that it is time for the world to legalize cannabis. 

There are several interviews in this documentary, which show what people think about breaking the law, in order for their children to have this medicine and what they think about the current laws that prohibit this herb. One of the most interesting interviews in this video is one made to an ex British government employee, who proved that the effects of marijuana are not dangerous at all and who was even fired, for telling everyone that the biggest risk this plant has on people, is a criminal record. 

Episode One

Episode Two

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The Effects Of Marijuana Are Not Harmful At All

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