Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Israel’s Debate About Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Is Being Analyzed in Israel

Like many other countries in the world, Israel is also considering the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes and the debate has recently escalated there. Because the Knesset Health Committee just decided to approve eleven more doctors to prescribe marijuana to their patients, some people have jumped out of their seats to debate about this and this means that there may be some problems trying to legalize this herb.

The last couple of weeks have been very interesting for people interested in medical marijuana in Israel, as there have been several debates about this and even some protests as well. As you can imagine, marijuana is still not legal in Israel, but there are already some farms growing this herb and they are also providing some valuable information about its benefits, uses and how it could change our world.

The Galilee hills are located in the northern part of Israel and they are home to one of the government’s medical marijuana growing operations. It is said, to be the home of one of the strongest psychoactive marijuana strains in the planet and it is also said, that a strain which helps to reduce inflammation in the human body, better than other strains do, is also grown here.  

Israel Will Legalize Medical Marijuana Soon

As you can see, Israel is moving towards legalizing cannabis for medicinal purposes very soon, since they are already growing this herb within their territory, they are studying it and they are also giving doctors the ability to prescribe medical marijuana to their patients.

The growing operation in the Galilee hills is a real technological wonder, as it is temperature controlled, it has its own security system and it also has some of the latest lightning technology available today.  According to some, this growing operation is also seen by some Jewish people as a spiritual thing and many are in favor of legalizing this plant.

While Israel does not have an approved law about marijuana yet, the Ministry of Health in this country, is already issuing some licenses to people who could benefit from this herb and some government employees are also promoting the legalization of cannabis for medicinal purposes as a useful innovation and business enterprise.

Israel Has Been Studying Medical Marijuana For Years

It was in the 1960s, when two professors from the Weizmann Institute of Science studied cannabis and the benefits that this plant could have on the human body.  Since then, Israel scientists and medical experts from this country, have been analyzing marijuana and have found more benefits from this plant.

Today, many Israeli researchers admit that cannabis can be useful in many cases and that it does help people with certain diseases, illnesses and symptoms.  Zach Klein, who was once a filmmaker stated, “Cannabis was used as medicine for centuries. Now, science is telling us how it works.”  

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