Friday, May 24, 2013

Clearview Has Its Own Medical Marijuana Grow Operation

A Medical Marijuana Growing Operation

It has been more than 15 months now, since the medical marijuana growing operation in the town of Clearview in Canada has been operating legally and it will surely get larger very soon. This marijuana grow operation is currently on a leased site and it is known as The Peace Naturals Project, which is owned by Mark A. Gobuty.

Gobuty recently contacted the local newspapers and talked about his operation for the first time. He said that he had taken the decision of going public on his business venture, because he does not believe in hiding it and thinks that it is just another agricultural opportunity. “We are very proud of what we’re doing and there is no shame,” where Gobuty’s exact words.

Since this company opened its doors over a year ago, it also started to take a transparent approach, as they declared to the OPP and have been doing so ever since.  The company has also invited police officers to visit the site whenever they feel like it, as this is a secure growing operation and they are not doing anything out of the ordinary.

Medical Marijuana Growing Operations Need To Open Everywhere

Health Canada has provided a license for this operation and this has allowed them to grow medical marijuana for the past few months.  Health Canada is in charge of regulating these types of operations and it does accept new companies, if these meet the requirements and regulations.

At the moment the marijuana grow operation in Clearview, is providing cannabis to two people, but it has permission to provide for two more. If Health Canada accepts a person’s registration, they will also get the chance to grow their own cannabis at home, which is something that some people prefer and are currently doing.

In April 2014, the federal government will be making some changes to the current laws on marijuana and these will not allow people to grow their own cannabis at home, which is why some growing operations are being established and the permits are being given to them.  According to some experts, this will give the government a better control over this herb and it should make it easier for patients to have access to it as well. A license from Health Canada will no longer be necessary for patients as well and they will be able to get their herb from grow operations, by simply having a prescription from their doctor.

Medical Marijuana Is More Than Just Medicine

The grow operation in Clearview, is also trying to expand if the new laws are approved in 2014 and they have already applied for the permits that they will need.  Thousands of people are already using cannabis as medicine in Canada and there are millions around the world doing the same. They all claim that marijuana helps to ease their pains and that it helps them to eat more as well.

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