Saturday, May 11, 2013

Discussions About Where To Grow Marijuana

Canada Is Legalizing Marijuana

Ottawa is already authorizing some medical marijuana factories to establish themselves in this territory, in the next couple of weeks. While this is great news, there are still some cities and people, who believe that these operations should be placed on industrial land and not in some of the farmland in this country, as it is very scarce and might be needed for other products. 

It was this last Thursday, when the Lower Mainland Local Government Association proposed to only allow large-scale marijuana growing operations to be establish on industrial land only, which is certainly going to affect many farmers, who are already thinking about growing this herb. The city of Ottawa, also announced on January, that they would stop handing out medical marijuana growing cards for registered patients and that the herb will only be grown by secure commercial operations, which have been selected by the city. 

According to Linda Hepner, who is Surrey's Coun. "We would be utilizing a lot of agricultural land for something that could be in a greenhouse environment in an industrial zone. We don't want to see all our agricultural food space in marijuana."

Laws For Growing Marijuana Need To Be Different

While some of the politicians in Ottawa and other parts of Canada might have a good point about not allowing large-scale marijuana operations to be established in some of their agricultural land, as they do need this soil to grow some crops for food, there are many reasons why registered patients, should still be allowed to grow their own marijuana in their homes and not to depend from a growing operation, unless they really have no interest in gardening.

Allowing people to grow their own marijuana plants is certainly not a bad idea, as this would allow people to harvest their own medicine and it is the way nature meant it. I do believe that there should be a limit to the number of plants that each patient is required to grow at any point and that they should not be allowed to sell it to anyone else. This would certainly reduce the number of problems that we have today and it would also benefit all of those people who are suffering from some terminal disease or other illnesses. 

There are certainly those who do not like gardening and are not interested in growing their own, which is why cannabis should still be sold by a few registered businesses, which can only have certain amount of this herb at any time as well. These ideas are already working in many places and not allowing medical marijuana patients to grow their own is simply inhumane. 

There are still many issues about legalizing cannabis in Canada and all over the world, but the truth is that the changes are happening and we will soon find the perfect way to control this herb and to benefit every single one of us. 

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Marijuana Will Be Legal One Day


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