Friday, May 3, 2013

A New Proposal For Medicinal Cannabis

Cordoba Wants To Legalize Medicinal Cannabis

It will be on May 4th, when the city of Cordoba in Argentina, will host the Global Marijuana March and it is surely going to help our cause, as a new proposal for medicinal cannabis will be presented and there are many who believe that it will finally be accepted now.

It will be today, when the Cordoba Cannabis Community presents their proposal to the government and there are going to be more activist organizations involved in this presentation as well.  The proposal is also being presented by Mako Escalzo, who is a member of the Cordoba Cannabis Community and has been using marijuana for medicinal purposes for a while now, as he was diagnosed with AIDS and it has been the only medicine that has helped him to stay alive.

According to Mako, he has been using cannabis for around two years now and it has definitely made a difference in his life. He has testified several times, about how pharmaceuticals would only worsen his health and how his life started to change, right after he started consuming cannabis, as it helps to ease his pain, it helps him to eat more and makes him more relaxed as well.

The New Medicinal Cannabis Proposal

The new proposal for legalizing cannabis for medicinal purposes in Cordoba will have two main objectives and these include getting the proposal approved and making it extensive, as they want medicinal cannabis to be accepted in all of Argentina and not only in Cordoba or for a few people.  The other objective is to change the current laws about cannabis, as people are currently being arrested for growing their own marijuana plants and this is something that people should have a right to do.

The Global Cannabis March will take place tomorrow and the Cordoba Cannabis Community will be gathering at the Independence Plaza at around two o’clock. There will be live music, lots of entertainment and lots of people who support the legalization of cannabis around the world. The march will then move to Las Heras Park, where they will continue promoting this new proposal and the legalization of marijuana too.

It Is Time For Medicinal Cannabis To Become Legal

Just like it has been legalized in several States of the US and other countries of the world, cannabis should also be legalized in Cordoba and in the rest of the world as well. There is much proof about the benefits of this herb and there are no reasons why people should not be allowed to alleviate their pain with it.

Medicinal cannabis is much better than many pharmaceuticals out there and there are many who are now enjoying their new life, thank to this herb.  We need to keep pushing, in order for authorities to abolish the current prohibition on marijuana and to change our world for good.

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