Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Yet Another Benefit Of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Are Helping The Economy

We are now finding out about all the benefits that marijuana can bring to society and it is now a fact that medical marijuana dispensaries are not only a godsend to all those people with some terminally ill diseases, but they are also a great economical benefit to our communities and they are now helping many security firms to increase their profits as well.

Because these types of dispensaries attract two different people to its establishments, it is also common for thieves to get interested in them and this is why security firms are now benefiting from these newly accepted businesses.  According to Dan Williams, who is the founder of Canna Security America, “There is a lot of smash and grab” in this industry, which is why he has created a company that specializes in helping shops that sell cannabis to protect themselves and to prevent any robberies as well.

Not only does the large stash of marijuana attract thieves to dispensaries, but these stores also tend to have lots of cash around, which is certainly why they are being targeted by some criminals. Federal laws, which are still not sympathetic to these types of businesses, have made it hard for dispensaries to handle their currency and this has left them very vulnerable to thieves.  

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Create Opportunities For Entrepreneurs

The reasons mentioned above, have made it possible for entrepreneurs like Dan Williams to get involved in the medical marijuana dispensaries industry and to actually provide a much needed service to them, as other security firms like ADT, are not offering their services to dispensaries and are leaving them alone to defend themselves.

According to The Huffington Post, “ADT has made a policy decision not to sell security services to businesses engaged in the marijuana industry, because it is still illegal under federal law.” This has certainly cause dispensaries to become vulnerable businesses and this is why other security firms are now taking advantage of this great business opportunity.

Since there are now around 2000 to 4000 businesses that are involved in the production of cannabis, there are also going to be many other business opportunities appearing from this, as the industry is now having sales over a billion dollars per year and it is estimated to keep growing in years to come.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Need To Be Kept Safe

Not only should businesses that are involved in the marijuana industry have the right to be protected by security firms, just like any other business in the market does right now, but they should also have the opportunity to have access to certain types of insurance policies and more.

The medical marijuana industry is now here to stay and there is no doubt in my mind that laws will keep improving positively in the next couple of months.  It is time for medical marijuana dispensaries to be allowed all over the world, as they provide a valuable service to people in need and they can also benefit our economies in many ways.

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