Saturday, May 4, 2013

Marijuana Laws Might Change On Monday

California Might Change Some Marijuana Laws On Monday

Since the State of California decided to vote in favor of Proposition 215 back in 1996 and accepted the use of medical marijuana, there have been many problems trying to establish certain rules and rights for those who are using the herb and those who are either growing it and providing it to dispensaries or other people. There are still many changes to be made to the current marijuana laws in California and the world, as there are still many gaps in the system and this is not allowing us to regulate cannabis as it should.

Thankfully, the California Supreme Court exists and they are going to try and get this mess solved this Monday. It will be on May 6, at around 10 A.M when the Supreme Court in this State, will decide whether the local government have the authority to ban medical marijuana dispensaries by using zoning ordinances. 

This problem was caused by some lower courts, like the Fourth District Court of Appeal and the Division Two in Riverside, who voted on accepting those types of bans in their districts, but there are also others like Orange County, that have ruled against it and this is why the matter needs to be taken to the Supreme Court.

What Changes Can Happen To These Marijuana Laws?

While most people might think that this is a very simple matter and that the Supreme Court can only rule on accepting marijuana or not, there are actually many things that California's Supreme Court can rule on and this is why we will certainly be paying attention to what happens on Monday and how the current marijuana laws will be changed. 

If the court decides not to approve the new laws, there is an estimate of round 200 local governments not being able to establish the bans that they so desire, as they will be unconstitutional to the State of California. and they will be able to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries just as any other business, but they would not be able to establish them. 

If the court decides to approve some of the new laws, some of the bans will still remain effective and those who live in certain areas of the State and consume or grow this herb, would have to either move or find some non-profit collectives to get their pot from. 

There is also the option for the court to decide passing this problem to Legislature and letting them decide if cities and counties should be able to ban medical marijuana dispensaries and growers in their zones or areas. On Monday, California's Supreme Court will also be deciding on who has the right to challenge these types of ordinances and  this should also help the legalization of cannabis, if the laws are changed in our favor. 

Monday Will Be An Important Day For Marijuana Laws In California And The World

The decision that will take place this Monday will certain be an important one, as it could affect medicinal cannabis users, it could affect medical marijuana dispensaries, it could affect medical marijuana growers and collectives as well. 

Hopefully the Supreme Court makes the right decision in favor of marijuana this Monday and we can continue with path towards legalization around the world. Don't forget to share and like this article and to subscribe to our newsletter by leaving us your email in the box to right. Remember to keep visiting Zip 420 for your latest marijuana laws news and other interesting facts about cannabis.  


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