Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Should Medical Marijuana Be Allowed For Children Too?

Medical Marijuana Can Certainly Help Some Children

There are many people who argue that marijuana should not only be legalized for adults only, as it can also help some of the children who are currently suffering from some very painful diseases and it is certainly much healthier than many of the drugs that these poor kids are already taking right now.

Medical marijuana has lots of benefits and there are plenty of cases, where parents have decided to give this herb to their children and have seen some positive results immediately.  The problem comes when governments decide not to legalize cannabis for children, as it has recently happen in Illinois.

Medical Marijuana Needs To Be Legalized For Everyone

There are many children who suffer from epilepsies and other similar diseases, which can be treated with marijuana and this is why many parents are outraged right now, as they found out that the new bills do not allow children to consume this herb.

Even if the current medical marijuana bill has not been passed in Illinois yet, it is only waiting Governor Pat Quinn’s signature to be accepted and it may become a law very soon. Parents who have children, who can benefit from this herb, will surely continue to fight for their rights and it is something that we need to help them do.

Some politicians are arguing that children should not be exposed to cannabis, but the reality is that it can be as effective as it is for adults and it is not nearly as dangerous as some of the drugs that are currently being prescribed to them. Standford University conducted a study, where they analyzed the results that some children with Doose syndrome, Dravest syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome reacted to medicines that come from the cannabis plant and the results were magnificent.

At least 80% of the children that consumed this cannabis infused medicine, reduced the amounts of seizures that they suffered from in a given period of time, which is certainly a life changing factor, that some of the other prescribed drugs are not accomplishing.  Some of these are even dangerous for kids health and they have proven to have side effects, which can harm a child’s life even more.

Medical Marijuana Has A Lot Of Benefits

Cannabis does not have any side effects and because it is a natural herb, it provides no health risk for the patients and this is why it needs to be legalized for everyone. Children who suffer from epilepsies, could benefit a lot from this herb and it has already been proven that it works many times. There is really no reason for anyone to deny this medicine to a child that is suffering and if we do not do something about this, we are only making our world even worse than it already is.

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