Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Liverpool Plains Might Be Used For Industrial Hemp

Industrial Hemp Is Being Grown In Some Parts Of The World

In this blog, I have talked about the medicinal uses and some recreational purposes of cannabis, but I have not talked much about its industrial benefits, which are also quite extensive and can really help to change our world. While industrial hemp might not have as high THC content as normal cannabis does, it can be used for many things and this is why we need to promote its legalization as well. 

In Australia, there are some experiments being done about this and some farmers are already growing this type of hemp successfully. The Liverpool Plains are the location that the Australian Industrial Hemp Industry has selected for producing this crop at a large scale and they are already getting some great results. 

What Is Happening In Australia With Industrial Hemp

Peter Slade is one of the lucky farmers, who have been allowed to grow hemp for industrial purposes, in this part of Australia and he has made some very positive comments to the press about his experience with this crop. Slade, was the farmer to sow the first five hectares of hemp this last February and after only a couple of weeks, his plants are looking great and are now taller than him. 

Slade's exact words about his crop were, "It's amazing. It's like nothing else I've grown." Peter and his wife Adele, have been farmers for a long time and they have specialized in crops like nyjer and millet, which are used for bird feed and now, they are getting involved in the industrial hemp industry, because they believe it is a perfect crop for their farm and that it can really help the world, as many different products can be made out from this plant. 

Mr. Slade and his wife, have had no problems with other weeds outgrowing their hemp crop, as this plant grows faster than the rest and it has been able to adapt itself to this region perfectly, (just like it would in many other parts of the world). "At the moment, it's got all pluses in my book, but we'll see how it goes after harvest. Industrial hemp produces the greatest amount of usable biomass over the shortest period of time, using the least amount of water with the greatest amount of carbon sequestration," stated Mr. Slade. 

Legalizing Industrial Hemp Could Really Help Us All

If hemp is legalized for industrial purposes, we could produce all different kinds of products, which include clothes, paper, oil, fuel and much more. Legalizing industrial hemp, could not only reduce the amount of oil that we consume worldwide, it could also help to reduce the amount of contamination that we create, it could help to reduce the harm that we do to our planet and it would create millions of jobs for farmers, businesses, manufacturers and more. 

It is time to legalize cannabis for medicinal, industrial and recreational purposes all over the world and here at Zip 420, we will continue promoting this cause, until we accomplish it. Please remember to share and like this article, so that more people can know about this and remember to register to our newsletter, by leaving us your email in the box to the right. I will make sure that you receive some interesting information about industrial hemp, medicinal cannabis and recreational marijuana as well. 


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