Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The IRS Does Not Accept Medical Cannabis Yet

The IRS Has A Constant War Against Medical Cannabis

For those of you who do not know, the IRS is the Internal Revenue Service of the United States, which is basically a government office that is in charge of taxing citizens, businesses and making them follow certain types of economic rules.  Because marijuana is still not accepted as a legal substance in most states and countries of the world, it has been difficult for medical cannabis dispensaries and other businesses related to this herb, to declare to the IRS or other similar government agencies and this why they are being raided all of the time.   

It all started back in 1982, when a new code was established by the IRS, in order to prevent drug dealing and trafficking. The name of this tax code is Section 280E and it does not allow someone who has been found in the possession of an illegal substance or selling it, to claim expenses as other normal businesses and people do, when it is time to report their taxes to the government. This tax code was created, because some drug traffickers had been able to recover some of their belongings, after appearing in court and it has surely been useful in many cases, but not allowing medical marijuana dispensaries to declare their taxes as other businesses do, is not allowing legalization to fully take place. 

Medical Cannabis Can Help The Economy

While the IRS is still fighting against marijuana dispensaries and other businesses that are related to this industry, they are certainly letting go on a huge opportunity, which has already been considered by many economic experts and that many believe could be the solution to some of our current economical problems. 

By continuing to use this tax code on medical cannabis, the IRS will force patients to do business in the black market and this will only worsen the situation that we already have with gangs and organized crime. If the IRS and other governments keep avoiding the legalization of cannabis, they will also lose a lot of revenue from taxing this herb, as every medical marijuana dispensary would have to report to them and would have to pay certain amount of money, just like other businesses do. 

If the IRS continues to apply this code to marijuana, it will also cause the disappearance of thousands of very well paid jobs which help to boost the economy in cities and thus in every state. All of this would cause communities to become more dangerous and there would certainly be an increase in crime, since people would still try to find cannabis, just as they are doing today in many parts of the world. 

Medical Cannabis Should Be Taxed Like Any Normal Business

When we allow marijuana to be taxed as any other product in the market and we solidify some of the laws that are already allowing people to consume this herb as medicine and for recreational purposes, we will have a very different world and many communities will have enough money to sponsor other projects, like education, infrastructure and even further studies about the medical benefits of cannabis. 

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