Monday, May 13, 2013

Marijuana Vending Machines Are A Reality

We Now Have Some Marijuana Vending Machines Ready To Start Working

Believe it or not, we have finally come to a time, where marijuana is being accepted around the world and there are now plenty of cities that allow this herb for medicinal and recreational purposes as well. Today, there are also many entrepreneurs who are thinking about ways to earn money through the upcoming legalization of cannabis and there are now some marijuana vending machines ready to be established in the market. 

You read right, vending machines that will offer marijuana will be available very soon all over the world and there are plenty of entrepreneurs who already have the designs for these machines and there is even one company that already has a few of these machines built and ready to start working. 

The name of this company is Medbox and its main goal is to set up some of their vending machines all around the US in a very short period of time. Their marijuana vending machines cost $50000 USD per unit and they are certainly some of the most secure and well designed vending machines out there. The vending machines cost so much, because they are armored vending machines, they are refrigerated and can sell different types of products, which include cannabis infused brownies, candy made out of pot, green buds and more.

The Marijuana Vending Machines Will Change The World

As you can probably imagine, having vending machines that sell marijuana, would certainly change many things and it is certainly a huge step towards legalizing marijuana. Bruce Bedrick, who is the CEO of Medbox, recently told Businessweek "We are planning to literally dominate the industry...We're a retailer's wet dream. We're the leading player in an industry that's ready to explode" and he is certainly right about the marijuana industry getting ready to explode in the next couple of years. 

While we still need our governments to accept medical and recreational marijuana in most parts of the world, for ideas like the one Bedrick has to flourish, there are already many places of the world were these marijuana vending machines might start working soon and these include the US, Uruguay and Portugal.

The world is changing their view on marijuana and soon we will see more interesting business ideas related to this herb, as legalization is sure to happen one day and it is definitely not very far away. Please remember to share and like this article and to subscribe to our mailing list, by leaving us your email in the box to the right. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google and YouTube, by clicking on one of the follow buttons to the right. 

Marijuana Vending Machines Will Be A Great Business Opportunity

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