Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Marijuana Dispansaries May Become A Reality In Nevada

Nevada Might Soon Have Legal Marijuana Dispensaries

As the world starts to legalize cannabis and allows people to consume this herb for medicinal purposes, the State of Nevada now has, a very good chance of having its own marijuana dispensaries and even some growing operations. Just as I have stated in some of my posts in this blog, this proves that marijuana will be legalized soon and that people are reconsidering the effects of this herb.

Clark County, could have up to 40 different marijuana dispensaries, if Senate Bill 374 is accepted, while some of the other counties in the State of Nevada, could have up to ten of these pharmacy like businesses and some rural areas will get theirs too. 

The bill is still not approved and it needs to be accepted by the Assembly, but many are very positive about the results, as recent studies have proven that more people want cannabis legalized and that the number of Americans, who learn about the medical benefits of this herb, is increasing every single day.

Marijuana Dispensaries Will Most Likely Open In Nevada

The people believe that cannabis should be legalized and if this bill is approved, it is very likely that more States will follow and soon, more countries will start following as well. Senate Bill 374, will most likely be approved in the near future and those who live in the State of Nevada, should start thinking about ways to promote this and encourage others to help approve it. 

According to this bill, marijuana dispensaries will be under a very tight control, which means that only people who really need this herb, will have access to it and that there will a dramatic reduction in black market activities.  

Once cannabis is legalized, we will all start seeing the changes in our society and we will start wondering why, we did not end marijuana prohibition sooner. Please remember to like and share this article and to subscribe to our newsletter, by leaving us your email in the box to the right. We will send you some interesting information about marijuana dispensaries and the laws involving this herb around the world. 

It Is Time To Accept Marijuana Dispensaries 

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