Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Effects Of Cannabis Are Safer Than Alcohol & Tobacco

The Effects Of Cannabis Will Not Harm Your Body

While there are many people who believe that cannabis is a drug that will make you lose your mind and that will put your entire body at the risk, the truth is that the effects of cannabis are much safer than alcohol and tobacco and there are plenty of studies that prove this now. More people are now becoming aware of the real effects of this herb and how prohibition is not working around the world as well. 

Today, we are now aware of how addictive nicotine is and how it can actually get a person more addicted than some so called "hard drugs". There are also studies that have proven how some types of alcohol can affect our health, as they contain a metabolite, which is carcinogenic and it also affects the liver. There are many people who have lost their lives for problems related to alcohol and tobacco, which is certainly rarely the case due to marijuana, if any. 

There are still no tests or studies that prove that marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol or tobacco, which is why there is really no reason for some governments to keep the people from growing and consuming this plant. 

The Effects Of Cannabis Are Not What You Have Been Told

In the past, some television shows, documentaries and other media sources, would declare that consuming cannabis would make a person go hysterical and to commit crimes that a normal person would not do. Today we know, that the effects of cannabis do not cause this and that the people who do consume this herb, are nearly as violent as the normal person on the streets. 

Some people believe that some media sources are still influenced by the large corporations of alcohol and tobacco and that they are being paid to misinformed the public about cannabis and the effects that it has on consumers. While in some cases this might be true, the reality is that most people now have free access to more information sources and this has allowed us to realize that cannabis is not nearly as harmful as alcohol or tobacco. 

It is time for everyone to admit that the effects of cannabis do not affect the health of a person as other drugs do and that this herb can actually help people with certain diseases and illnesses, which is why legalization must take place and this must happen soon as well. 

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The Effects Of Cannabis Are Not Dangerous At All

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