Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Growing Marijuana For Medicinal Purposes

Senate Might Approve Patients To Start Growing Marijuana

The Governor of New Hampshire, Maggie Hassan, is in favor of legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes, but she is still indecisive of how this should be done. Hassan, once believed that people should be able to grow their own marijuana at home for medicinal purposes, but now she believes that people should not be granted this right and that they should buy their medicinal marijuana from dispensaries.

Many believe that she was right the first time and that is why a new bill allowing patients to start growing marijuana for medicinal purposes in their home, is being analyzed in the Senate and it might be approved very soon. This bill, would allow only people with a doctor's prescription and a medical marijuana card that has been issued by the Department of Health and Human Services to be able to grow three marijuana plants, have 12 seedlings and be in possession of no more than six ounces of cannabis in their homes and no more than two ounces when they are travelling.

Growing Marijuana For Medicinal Purposes Is A Better Idea

While Gov. Hassan now believes that patients should get their medical cannabis from care centers that the bill would authorize, there are many doubts that this would work, as that bill would only authorize five medical marijuana dispensaries to open their does and the State would only have a year and a half to authorize those dispensaries, which is certainly a lot of time for patients who really need the herb to wait for them to open their doors to get their medicine.

This would give way to patients having to buy their marijuana in the black market, buy it from someone who has the authorization to buy at a medical dispensary in another State or one that has already opened its doors in another region. Once the authorized centers are all open, some patients will certainly live very far from them, as there will not be enough to cover all of the State and this will also give way to the alternative methods for them to get their medicine, which can certainly lead to crime and other similar problems to what we see today.

By allowing patients to start growing marijuana in their homes, it will be easier for them to have access to their medicine and it would also prevent black markets from appearing everywhere as they do right now. Hopefully the bill that is currently pending in the Senate is accepted and the people in New Hampshire get the opportunity to grow their own marijuana for medicinal purposes inside their homes.

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Let's Help Patients To Start Growing Marijuana For Medicinal Purposes


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