Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Exploring Some Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In LA

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Also Have Their Own Decoration

Every business in the world has to provide a unique way to attract people and decoration is certainly one of the most important things towards making any business popular today. Even medical marijuana dispensaries need to have their own type of decoration, as this helps to make them unique and to encourage people to walk through their doors.

Los Angeles has authorized medicinal cannabis since Proposition 215 was accepted 17 years ago.  This has allowed many dispensaries to open their doors in this part of California and it has allowed patients to have access to some of the best cannabis in the world.  Like in every industry, business owners come up with different ideas to make their establishment even better and some of the dispensaries in LA have really gone the extra mile.

 Some Examples Of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In LA

LA-Confidential is one of the most popular hash bars in this city and it is certainly the best on Melrose.  According to Mandy, who works in this dispensary, “Everything you see is from Craigslist and is upholstered with Duct tape every six months.” The bar is also decorated with a beautiful piano, a small stage and it offers jazz concerts on Sundays for all those patients who come visit them.

Another popular dispensary is the Dr. Sona Patel’s Clinic, which is located in East Hollywood and is decorated very elegantly. Some media sources have described this dispensary as the Versailles of marijuana in Los Angeles, as it has been decorated with chandeliers, mirrors, beautiful furniture and carpets.

Santa Ana also has a very unique dispensary and it is named Club Meds. When you want into this dispensary, you will be transported to a beach like scenario, as this place is decorated in a tiki theme.  This is also one of the most popular medical marijuana dispensaries in LA and it is certainly a very fun place to walk in to.

Venice Beach House is certainly one of the marijuana dispensaries that you want to get to know one day, as it is located only one block from this very famous beach and it has a very unique decoration, which makes it attractive for almost anyone who enjoys art, exposed bricks and more.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Might Change In LA

As you can see, every single business related to marijuana in LA and the world, also worries about making their clients comfortable and offer some very unique decorations, which make them beautiful and interesting for everyone.  Unfortunately, there might be some problems coming to these dispensaries soon, as there are two measures that are going to be voted on, during the next elections and could in fact close down some of these stores.

If Measure F is accepted, this would allow dispensaries that were open after 2007 to continue operating normally, but if Measure D is accepted, only the dispensaries that were opened before 2007 will remain operational and these are only 135, which means that we must help promote Measure F, as this will help us to keep medical marijuana dispensaries operational in LA and other parts of California as well.

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