Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Medical Marijuana Story Of The Champions

Another Happy Medical Marijuana Story

Like I have written before in this blog, there are many medical benefits from the marijuana plant and there are millions of people who are already benefiting from it right now. I have also written about some of the stories about medical marijuana and how this plant has helped them to have a better life.

Today, I have yet another story related to how cannabis has helped a person and how it will soon be legalized everywhere.  The story of Jim Champion begins with a sad fact, as he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and would have to take a great number of pills throughout his life, in order to try and live a normal life. The 59 pills that he had to take every single day did not help him at all and when his doctors decided to prescribe him some methadone, Jim almost died from an overdose.

The Medical Marijuana Treatment

It was until the year of 2003, when Jim would first try marijuana, thanks to one of his cousins, who recommended it and gave him some. After only ten minutes of having smoked the marijuana, Jim was feeling much better, he was feeling relaxed, his muscles were not contracting, he had a smile on his face and he even felt hungry. These were all feeling that Jim had certainly not experienced altogether for a very long time, if ever in his life.

Sandy Champion, who is Jim’s wife, stated “After all those years, he is down to 24 pills a day, hopefully with the passage of this bill we’ll be down even more.” The Champions live in the State of Illinois, were House Bill 1 might soon be accepted and it will allow for people like Jim to have access to medical marijuana and not to become criminals by purchasing the herb in the black market or from illicit dispensaries.

The proposed bill, would allow patients with “debilitating medical conditions” to possess up to two and half ounces of cannabis within a period of two weeks. This would mean that Jim would not have to visit the streets of Illinois to buy his medicine and that he would not put himself at risk, as well.

The House of Illinois recently passed a proposal for the legalization of marijuana within the State and it had 61 votes in favor, against 57. The Champions were some of the people who regularly promoted this proposal in Springfield and thanks to them, many people in this State, will have access to a much needed medicine.

It Is Time For Medical Marijuana Laws To Be Changed

Scientist, doctors and other experts, are now certain of the many medical benefits of marijuana and there is no reason why people like Jim should be denied access to this herb. Not only is it time for medical marijuana laws to be changed worldwide, but it is also time to abolish the prohibitionist laws that we currently have on cannabis, as they have proven to be a failure and are not benefiting as much as legalization would.

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