Friday, April 26, 2013

You Can Now Buy Marijuana Online

Are You Looking To Buy Marijuana Online?

While most people believe that the only way to get cannabis is by going underground and contacting their common weed dealer, the fact is that it is now possible to buy marijuana online. This is certainly not legal in many places and I do not encourage anyone who is reading this, to use the service that I am going to tell you about in this post. The service I will tell you about does work and lots of people are already getting some excellent cannabis thanks to this.

Almost everyone is aware about hackers and at least some of the things that they do and to access the marketplace that I am talking about, you will need to go into the "Dark Web", where you can find lots of things that are not available through common browsers like Chrome, Explorer or Firefox and which will allow you to buy some cannabis through the Internet.

Use Silk Road To Buy Marijuana Online

Silk Road is a virtual marketplace, which connects people from around the world and is already helping millions to sell their products online.  But Silk Road, is not your common online marketplace like Ebay or Amazon, as it sells things like marijuana, cocaine, LSD, heroine and more. Yes you read right, Silk Road offers people a place to actually buy marijuana online and it really does work.

The marketplace is only accessible through a browser called Tor and its website changes from time to time. Finding the newest address is not hard at all and there are many videos about this on YouTube. After finding the site, you will need to create a user name and establish a password, but you do not have to worry about being detected, as Tor makes sure that your IP address, location and other personal information is not shared with anyone.

Even the DEA and FBI are having a very hard time trying to put down this site and to catch some of the people who are selling and buying these types of things through it. Silk Road is almost perfect, as it offers consumers an opportunity to get their herb without having to leave their homes and putting themselves at risk, as the people who sell it, will send it directly to your doorstep. 

Receiving the packages from this marketplace at home, might not be the best idea, but there are certainly people who are doing it and have not been caught by the law. Both the sellers and buyers at Silk Road are very discreet most of the time and they all want to stay under the radar, which is why it is having so much success. 

You can buy all times of different cannabis strains through this marketplace and you can certainly find some very affordable prices. The marijuana will be packaged perfectly and it will go through the mail most of the time. Sellers have a reputation and they have been reviewed by their past clients, which makes it possible for customers to trust them and to actually make this marketplace work. All of the ads explain exactly what you need to do to buy marijuana online and they have some very catchy ways of grabbing your attention.

If you are thinking of giving this marketplace a look, make sure to know what the cannabis laws are in the place that you live and I certainly would not place any personal information in the Tor browser, as there are many criminals out there and the "Dark Web" is one of their hangouts. 

All of this only proves that people will always find a way to get what they want and that prohibition is simply not working at all. It has drained our economic systems worldwide and it is only causing people to have to look for black markets and to put themselves at risk, when trying to find some cannabis.  

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Take Precautions If You Do Buy Marijuana Online. You Can Never Be Too Careful!


  1. Silk road website was basted by the FBI today October 2, so what options are left there?

  2. That is right, Silk Road was blasted a while back...