Saturday, April 27, 2013

Alaska Might Legalize Cannabis Soon

The Next State To Legalize Cannabis

As the legalization of marijuana is taking place, in several states of the US and other parts of the world, we are all expecting great things to start happening soon. The next state that might legalize cannabis soon is Alaska and it will surely help to make people see that marijuana is not harmful at all. Some describe this as the new battleground towards the legalization of cannabis and I am pretty sure that we will see it legalized here very soon. 

Right now, people who are in favor of legalizing marijuana in Alaska, are gathering signatures so that they can present their proposal in the voting ballots, which will take place next year. This means that there are still a few months to convince people about the benefits of marijuana, how it can help our governments to earn more money from taxes and reduces the costs of fighting the herb, as well as an increase in tourism and even industrial benefits too. 

How Alaska Wants To Legalize Cannabis

The proposal that residents of Alaska are making is not very different from that of other States that have already legalized the herb and this is why I truly believe that it will be voted in favor of, next year. According to their propositions, people who are older than 21 years of age, will be able to possess up to one ounce of marijuana, which is certainly more than enough for personal use. 

The propositions, would also ban smoking cannabis in public, which is not a bad idea, as we do not want to encourage underage people and children to consume the herb. The propositions also establish an excise tax and they also establish some ground rules for growing marijuana and the limits to this activity. 

A similar proposal was made in Alaska in 2004, but it was not accepted, as it would allowed a person above 21 to grow and sell marijuana at their pleasure, which is certainly not what governments are seeking, as they want to keep a better control over the herb. 

We Will Legalize Cannabis

Just like some States and countries of the world, we will legalize cannabis everywhere one day, as attitudes towards this herb have softened over the past few years and we are now realizing that prohibitions do not really work. Marijuana is consumed everywhere and even if governments still ban its use, we will not lay down and quit our fight.  

Hopefully Alaska residents do gather enough signatures to pass their proposal and make cannabis legal in that State next year. This would be another huge step towards legalizing cannabis and would help softened attitudes even more. 

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