Saturday, April 6, 2013

Police In Seattle Return Marijuana To Street Dealers

Police Start Returning Marijuana

It is true, police officers are now starting to return the marijuana that they took from someone and this is proof of how our world is changing to some of the new marijuana laws in the US and accross the globe. It was the very own Seatlle Police Department, that announced that they had returned some confiscated cannabis to street dealers and that this was the first time that this has happened.

It was back in November 2012, when people in the State of Washington decided to legalize cannabis and since then, the police has tried to do things differently, although they are still not quite sure how to handle some cases, as this is territory that they have not navigated through before.

Marijuana Regulations In Washington

Just as I have written before in this blog, the State of Washington now allows people to consume cannabis, but it does not allow them to do so in public.  Just like alcohol, the State only allows people to consume it in certain places and people who do not have a certification cannot sell the herb.

So why did Seattle's Police Department return some marijuana to street dealers? The story begins when some neighbors in the area known to locals as the "Ave", decided to call the police, as there was a group of young men doing strange things in the streets.

When the police started their investigation, they found out that there were about two dozen people seeling cannabis in this area and that they were what the neighbors were complaining about.

After some of those people were detained by the police, those who had no prior criminal records and who were only in possession of small amounts of cannabis, were set free again and this is when things start getting interesting. Sean Whitcomb, who is a spokesman for the Seattle Police Department, said "In street case dealings, this would be the first time. Ever." Even though Whitcomb stated this, he also warned those people from continuining to sell the herb in the streets and from consuming it in public.

The marijuana that was confiscated was also returned to those who did not have some major criminal records and hopefully they learn the lesson and follow the new regulations that have been accepted by the people of Washington already.

This only proves how the legalization of marijuana is closer than ever and that police are actually changing their minds about the herb as well. It is about time for news like this to start making the headlines around the world and hopefully there will be many more like it very soon. There are more people approving the legalization of cannabis everywhere and this can only mean that new reforms are soon to happen all over the world.

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Marijuana Is More Popular Than Ever!

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