Thursday, April 11, 2013

Don’t Get Fooled By Some Strains Of Weed

Be Careful With The Strains Of Weed You Buy

If you are into smoking cannabis, whether its for recreational purposes or you really use it for medicinal purposes, it is important to be careful with the strains of weed that you buy, as there are many malicious people out there, who are only looking to make some money off of you and do not really care about your health, the high that you will get or how good your bud really is.

It has always been known that pot dealers will show off some of their highest quality bud, before actually selling you anything. Just like any other business, first impression counts and when you see your weed guy rolling a big fat blunt, with some very sticky stuff, you will surely want to have some of that too. But hold on, don’t get too excited, sometimes you could be buying some strains that are actually very different from what your weed guy is showing off and this is why being a little cautious will always help.

It is not uncommon for people to buy some product off of some guy, thinking that they have gotten some of the best strains of weed out there, like “White Widow”, “Purple Haze” and others, when in fact they are buying nothing more than simple cannabis, which has not been cured properly, does not taste very well and who knows how it has been grown. This is certainly not something that you want happening to you and if the cannabis that you are buying is for medicinal purposes, then you definitely cannot have this happening to you.

How To Choose The Highest Quality Strains Of Weed

So you may be thinking by now, how can I know if my weed guy is selling me junk or some high quality cannabis? Well, the solution may actually be simpler than you think, as every single strain of cannabis out there has a distinct smell and according to many experts, terpenes are the organic compounds, which give each strain its own smell and a simple sniff test, should help you to decide whether you are being sold a high quality strain or not.

If you are not very good at doing sniff tests, there might soon be a scientific analysis, which will check the terpenes on your cannabis strain and identify it for you. This has already been done at the “Werc Shop”, which is an analytical lab that is located in Los Angeles and dud the first strains of weed test for terpenes back in 2011.  According to Jeff Raber, who is the president of the Werc Shop, “a terpene analysis is like a fingerprint,” which means that anybody should be able to buy some high quality cannabis when marijuana is legalized and it is available from dispensaries and other state controlled stores as well.

Choose The Perfect Strains Of Weed Every Time

Nobody wants to get home and roll that much anticipated White Widow joint, only to find out that it does not have that distinct taste, that delicious scent or it is not getting you as stoned as you thought it would. Choosing the perfect strains of weed, will rely on your knowledge about the herb and a good old sniff test, as there are still not many labs doing terpene testing quite yet, but one day there will be.

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