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Looking For Ways To Spend A Happy 420?

Millions Of People Around The World Are Preparing For A Happy 420

As most of you know, April 20th is a very special day in the cannabis world and it is finally right around the corner. Millions of people and businesses are preparing for a very happy 420 this weekend and there are certainly some great events ready for this day.  Not only will states like Colorado and Washington be celebrating 420 big time, but there are also other countries, states and cities that will join in on the fun and that will help with the legalization of cannabis all over the world.

San Francisco and its Bay Area will be one of the places in America where this holiday will be celebrated in complete grandeur and in this article I will tell you about some of the events that are already prepared for this weekend.

Have A Happy 420 In California

Not only is the first 420, (after some states in America legalized cannabis) taking place on a Saturday, but it will allow everyone to start the celebration on Friday right after work.  The Regency Ballroom will be one of the places for getting the part started, as they will be hosting a pre-party event with Cypress Hill and rapper Berner, (who is now popular because of the Girl Scout Cookies strain). This event will surely gather lots of cannabis friendly people and it will be a great start to a happy 420 weekend.

This next Friday, you can also enjoy Doug Benson’s show at the Cobbs Comedy Club in San Francisco as well, which will most likely be hilarious and is going to be a great countdown to 420, as the show begins at 10:30 pm.

Those who are interested can visit the Hemp Con expo, where tons of marijuana related businesses and entrepreneurs will be presenting their products and services. This expo will last all weekend long and it will take place in San Jose, California.

On 420, almost every single one of the marijuana dispensaries in the Bay Area, will be celebrating this holiday with free prizes, cannabis deals and special strains. It would be a good idea to get there early, because there will probably be some very long lines and the best cannabis will disappear very fast.

The San Francisco Patient and Resource Center, will also be offering some great deals to celebrate 420, as they will be giving away some edibles, some lighters, some t-shirts and even a half-gram of cannabis for free, to the first 250 patients that visit them on Saturday.  

In Oakland, marijuana dispensaries will also be celebrating 420 with some special promotions and some, even start giving away some prizes on April 18 and end on April 21st.  The Oakland Organics’ Mothership Organicann, which is located in Santa Rosa, will host another of its famous harvest, which is basically like a farmers market for all those people who love this herb.

Hippie Hill, which is the name given to an area of the Golden Gate Park, will be the main 420 reunion point and there will be tons of things going on here during this weekend.  If you want to spend a happy 420 this year and are around the Bay Area, you can certainly visit some of the places mentioned here and have some fun. If you are not lucky enough to be here, there will certainly be many other 420 celebrations taking place near you or maybe your friends and yourself can create a celebration of your own. 

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Have A Happy 420 This Weekend Everyone!

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