Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ganja Man Talks About Being Cured Thanks To Cannabis

The Ganja Man Was Recently In Michigan

It was just this weekend that the Annual Michigan “Hash Bash” took place and it certainly gathered a lot of people. There was also a protest in favor of the legalization of marijuana in Ann Arbor and the ganja man, Ed Rosenthal, who gave himself the name of “Guru of Ganja” and was once a writer for famous cannabis magazine “High Times”, spoke at these events and he certainly raised enthusiasm in the crowd.

Rosenthal made a sarcastic declaration, which helped people to get into the protesting mood for the legalization of cannabis and also caused a lot of controversy. Rosenthal would state the following during his speech in these events, “Up to then, I had been using marijuana medically; then, when the polls came in and it showed that marijuana was made legal, I found that I had been cured. Cured! I would no longer need a prescription to get it. Hallelujah!”

This joke and sarcastic comment by Rosenthal, can surely help to spark up those people who are not in favor of the legalization of marijuana, as they are going to be stating that people only want to legalize this herb for recreational purposes, but the fact is that Rosenthal’s speeches really drove up the masses and thousands of people would cheer and laugh after his joke.

The Ganja Man Made His Point

Even if some people thought that Rosenthal should not have made those comments, the truth of the matter is that both Washington and Colorado successfully passed marijuana legalization initiatives and that more States of the US, as well as other countries of the world, are doing the same thing this year.

“Marijuana needs no defense. Talking to people about how good marijuana is here is like talking to the choir. Amen?” stated the ganja man during the events that took place at the University of Michigan campus.

During the event, Michigan State Rep. Jeff Irwin would also give his opinion about the legalization of marijuana and asked people to tell officials their ideas for reformation, as these will always be of great help to create better laws and regulations for all of society.  “I believe we need to legalize marijuana. The amount of blood and treasure we’ve spilled in this drug war is an embarrassment to our country,” stated Irwin during the events. He also described how some of the recent Michigan initiatives have encouraged him to promote the legalization of marijuana and he also stated, “When I saw that kind of activity, I said, I need to step up and do my part. I need to introduce a decriminalization bill in the state legislature.”

Below you can watch a video that I found on YouTube (I have no idea who uploaded it). It was recorded during the 2013 Hash Bash, which took place this last weekend.

We Need To Think Like The Ganja Man

If you are one of the people who believe that marijuana needs to become legal across the world, it would be smart to think like the ganja man, as he has some positive activist ideals and has certainly helped to gain the interest of thousands of people in the US and the world as well.

The time has come for marijuana to be legal, as it has cost the world a fortune and it has also been the cause of millions of deaths throughout the years. Irwin stated this and he certainly has the right idea about the legalization of marijuana and here at Zip 420 we hope that more positive changes start coming to our reforms.

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