Friday, April 5, 2013

More than 50% Of Americans Now Want To Legalize Marijuana

The World Needs To Legalize Marijuana Now

It has not been since the 1970’s that more than half the people in the US want to legalize marijuana and a new study has recently proven this.  The Pew Research Center has made some important data public and it shows that 52% of Americans are now in favor of the legalization of cannabis and that only 45% are not.
Some believe that this new number is due to the fact that Baby Boomers are now getting older and to the opinions of boomers, has now been waned and waxed a little bit over the years.  The study also proves that boomers are now more supportive of marijuana and that this generation is not the only one that wants to legalize marijuana.

More Information From People Who Want To Legalize Marijuana

According to this study, the Millenial generation, which includes the people who are between 18 and 32 years old at the moment, favor the legalization of marijuana by 65% and they do so, even more than their parents and grandparents.  Generation X, which includes the people who are now 22 to 48 years old, favors the legalization of marijuana in 54% and it is believed that this is due to the fact that people in this group, grew up during the 90’s, which had a very huge anti-drug campaign and the legalization of cannabis was not as popular as it is today.

The opinion of Baby Boomers is the one that has changed the most and all of this has been recorded in the past. According to the study, 47% of Americans favored the legalization of cannabis in 1978, which is very similar to the number that we have today, but the Pew Research Center, also proved that the people who favored the legalization of marijuana percentage fell drastically during the 1980’s, as only 17% of Americans wanted this herb to be legal.  From the 1990’s until today, the opinion of Baby Boomers on the legalization of cannabis has been rising at a fairly steady rate and it is now a little more than 50%.

The study also proved that attitudes and other aspects about marijuana have changed over the years as well. For example, the study shows that more people are now accepting to having tried marijuana in the past, as this number has risen from 38% to 48%, which is quite a significant difference. Although this number has risen, it is not possible to know if people are simply admitting to consuming this herb more easily or if the number is actually rising.  The percentage of people who have tried marijuana and feel that it should be legalized has also risen, just as expected and it is much larger than the percentage of people that do not feel this way, as they are 70% vs. 35%.

The fact that surprised most is that less people now believe consuming marijuana as “immoral”, as the percentage went down from 50% in 2006 to only 32% in 2013. Fewer people are also in favor of the idea that marijuana is a “gateway” drug to other harder drugs and this can easily be identified in the Millennial and Generation X groups.  Another interesting fact is that at least 75% of American now believes that the money the government spends in this “problem” is more than enough or too much.

Overall, demographics and study results prove that more people in the US want to legalize marijuana and that this percentage has grown by 25% in the last three years. (41% in 2010 and 52% in 2013). It is also a fact that men favor the legalization of this herb more than women and that Democrats also believe more in the legalization of cannabis than what Republicans do as these percentages are 59% vs. 37%.  The study also proved that at least 77% of Americans are now in favor of marijuana for medicinal purposes and that this number will probably keep growing in the near future.  

Soon We Will Legalize Marijuana

Just as this Pew Research Center study shows, more people now want marijuana to be legal in America and the numbers are very similar all around the world. I strongly believe that legalization is closer than ever and that the world is going to be a better place once this takes place.

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  1. Marijuana is the new prohibition. I am still hoping and waiting for national legalization in my lifetime. I'm 56 years old now. Will President B.O. do the right thing & live up to his campaign promise about marijuana before he leaves office? I sure hope so!!

    1. I agree Scott, marijuana is the new prohibition. I also do believe that legalization is coming very soon and I am very confident that we will see legalization during our life times.