Monday, April 22, 2013

Medicinal Cannabis Laws In Connecticut Must Be Readjusted

A Woman Admits To Using Medicinal Cannabis

It was barely last year when the state of Connecticut joined the other states and Washington, who have already legalized medicinal cannabis, yet the laws in Connecticut still need to be modified, as they are leaving patients in a hard spot, since there are still no dispensaries or places to buy the herb legally.

People in Connecticut are not even allowed to grow their own, so this leaves really no place for the people who really need cannabis to get the herb, but the black market. This also means that patients are at risk of being arrested and this is certainly not a way for them to be treated. 

It was on CBS News, where   Tracey Gamer Fanning, who is a 42 year old mother, admitted to using medicinal cannabis to treat her cancer illnesses, even though this could put her at risk of being arrested.

A Connecticut Medicinal Cannabis Story

According to CBS News, it was in 2006, when Tracey would be diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.  She would then start experiencing some severe headaches, seizures and would have to take pain pills, which would mostly put her in bed and not allow her to get on with her life.

It was when Tracey found marijuana that her life started to change in a positive way. Her exact words about it were, “The first time I ever did I; it gave me my life back.” Her doctor, Andrew Salner, was the one to recommend marijuana to her and she was still skeptical about the idea, as the herb was still not legal in the state for medicinal purposes.

Today, both Tracey and her doctor are spreading the word to others, about the benefits of marijuana and why the current laws in Connecticut need to be modified, as there is no place to legally buy the herb and this is something that no medical patient should need to go through.

“I would not be this and this is what everybody hopes to have six and a half years later, after being diagnosed,” stated Tracey.  It will be today, when Tracey will appear in a public hearing, to promote the legalization of medicinal cannabis for people who really need it, as real changes need to happen in Connecticut and the world today. Tracey even postponed her honeymoon to appear in this public hearing, as she got married this weekend and this only proves her conviction to really make a difference.

We Need To Help People Like Tracey To Get Their Medicinal Cannabis

It is time to stop being childish and simply admit that cannabis is nothing more than a plant, which can really help people with cancer and other diseases. Tracey is only one of the millions of people who have benefited from this plant and who would have surely had a very different life, if they had not found cannabis on time.  

Nobody should have the power to be able to deny someone the right to have a better life and to feel better after being diagnosed with a terminal disease. The prohibition of cannabis has not worked and it is time for both recreational and medicinal cannabis to be legal around the world.

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