Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Little More About Medical Marijuana

Growing Medical Marijuana To Use In Labs 

Well, 420 has come and gone! Hopefully everyone had an excellent day yesterday and incidents like the gunshots in Colorado do not repeat themselves again. Today, I want to tell you about a marijuana growing operation that is supposedly being operated by the government and it has been so, since the late 1960's. According to Men's Health Magazine and to Manhmoud ElSohly, Ph.D., who is the head of the University of Mississippi's Marijuana Project, there is a very large complex filled with marijuana plants and they now know a lot more about the herb and how medical marijuana can help people. 

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has declared that the marijuana farm that ElSohly takes care of, is the only legal place for scientists and scientific studies to get their herb. Since it was first created, the farm has been doing everything from growing, to harvesting, to transforming it into other products and using it for medical studies. This marijuana farm, is supposedly growing many different types of cannabis and they all have different amounts of THC.

According to Dr. ElSohly and some of their studies, marijuana can be made out of more than 500 chemical compounds and THC and cannabidol are two of them. These are now known to help the human body in some way and it has also been found out, that cannabidol does not give people that "high" feeling when consumed.  

Yet Another Story About The Benefits Of Medical Marijuana

This is a well know story and it happened during 1967. It was during this year that Dr. Lester Grinspoon from Harvard University, experienced one of the worst things in life. His son, would be diagnosed with lymphocytic leukemia and no medicine that was given to him, would help to alleviate his pain. This is when Dr. Grinspoon decided to find some of his son's friends and got him some marijuana. After the teenage boy smoked some of the cannabis, he was able to regain his appetite, he stopped vomiting, the nausea disappeared and he was able to start living a better life.  Dr. Grinspoon would say in public, "We never -for as long as he lived - had to deal with that awful experience of seeing what he went through again."

The only problem with medical marijuana is that smoking it is not very well accepted today either, as many believe that this can cause cancer, yet it has not been proven that cannabis smoke can increase the chances of someone getting this disease. People just associate smoke with lung cancer and other similar diseases, which is why the University of Mississippi and some labs that are studying the benefits of medicinal marijuana are now trying to determine, whether smoking this herb is really dangerous or not. 

We are now certain that smoking tobacco is a cancer and disease causing habit, which is why it has now been banned from many public places and millions have stopped doing it. Fortunately, there are many other ways to consume cannabis and obtaining the medical benefits that it provides to an ill person. These methods include vaporizers, cannabis oils, certain cannabis infused medicines and even edibles, which are much safer than smoking and provide enough THC and other cannabis contents, to help a person in need. 

When Dr. ElSohly was interviewed about the benefits of medical marijuana he answered very plainly and here is part of that interview, "Does it lower interocular pressure for glaucoma patients? Yes it does. Does it reduce anxiety? Yes it does. Does it stimulate appetite? Yes it does." If Dr. ElSohly, who runs the only marijuana farm that is accepted by the US government, admits that the herb is beneficial in many ways, why is it not legal everywhere yet?

It Is Time For Both Medical Marijuana And Recreational Marijuana To Be Legalized

Even if smoking cannabis can affect a person's health in one way or another, the benefits of medical marijuana are definitely there and those who do not accept them, are simply hurting others, as they are not being able to benefit from this plant. Because we can consume cannabis in other ways rather than smoking, there is really no reason why someone should not be able to benefit from this plant. It is time to get this herb legalized worldwide, because it will not only benefit a lot of sick people, but it will also stop a lot of the problems that we have in our world right now. Problems like illegal trafficking, violence, crimes and more, could definitely be reduced if cannabis is legalized and controlled by our governments. It worked with alcohol, it will work with cannabis too!

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