Sunday, April 28, 2013

Judge Wants To Return Confiscated Marijuana

A Judge In Washington Wants Police To Return Confiscated Marijuana

As I have written before in this blog, some judges are now ordering police departments to return confiscated marijuana to some of the people that they took it from and it is now happening again in Washington. Jack Emery, who is a Municipal Court Judge has now ordered police more than once to return some confiscated cannabis to Joseph L. Robertson and they must do so in less than seven days or they will be charged with contempt. 

Judge Emery would have a strong discussion with Tacoma's city attorney John Walker on Thursday and Emery's exact words were "Appeal or comply, or next week, show up, and I would advise you to bring counsel." It was on February 28th, when Emery ordered police to return the marijuana to Robertson, but they have still not done so. 

How Robertson Got His Marijuana Confiscated

It was May of 2012, when a Tacoma police officer decided to pull Robertson over for speeding. After some questioning, Robertson was charged with driving without a license and with possession of a small amount of cannabis. Later in December, prosecutors would dismiss the charges of marijuana possession against Robertson, as Washington is now a State were cannabis is legal and this is when Robertson decided to ask to get his stash back. 

Even though, Robertson proved that he has authorization for medical marijuana, the city did not approve Tacoma's police department to return the pot and this is why Judge Emery made his statement on February 28th. Now, if police do not return the cannabis to Robertson by May 2nd, the matter will be taken to higher courts and this will surely be settled soon. 

Emery also stated that this case is "a quagmire," as there are many conflicts between federal and state laws right now, but I do believe that Judge Emery is doing the right thing and that he will defend, Robertson's right to get his medicinal cannabis back and I hope that he does soon. 

It Is Time To Legalize Marijuana Around The World

Just like Judge Emery is helping Mr. Robertson to get his cannabis back, we should all do what we can to promote the legalization of cannabis around the world, as this is the only way that we will get to change the current prohibitionist laws. 

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