Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Charges Are Dropped On Two Legalizing Weed Activists

Florida State Attorney Does Not Think Badly About Legalizing Weed

Those of you who have been following the Zip 420 blog for a while or who are interested in cannabis, should know that Florida is one of the most conservative States in the US and that it has been famous for its hard justice on cannabis users and activists over the years. Today, I want to tell you some excellent news, as it was just recently that a Florida State Attorney dropped the charges that had been placed upon two people who were only thinking about legalizing weed.

It was only about a month ago, when State Senator Jeff Clemens from Tampa, Florida made public that he was in favor of a medical marijuana bill within the State, as he believes that dispensaries need to be established now.  Later, this bill would be named the “Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act” in honor of a woman who has been using marijuana as medicine for at least 25 years now and that has made it public, as she suffers from a condition known as ALS, which has no cure available yet.

This woman had received the support of her husband, not only by helping her in every way possible, but by growing twelve marijuana plants, so that she could have her medicine from a known source.

The problems came after the bill was introduced by the senator, as it would make her name and address public and the DEA would partner up with the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office to pay Cathy a visit. They arrived in swat uniforms, pointing their guns at the couple and even wearing masks. This was certainly something that Cathy and her husband did not deserve, as they are not criminals and are only using the herb for medicinal purposes.  Their cannabis plants were confiscated and Cathy’s husband was placed under arrest.

Legalizing Weed Will Not Be Easy

After the raid and arrests, a NORML lawyer would immediately come to the couple’s defense and the Cannabis Action Network in Florida would also step in by contacting Michael C. Minardi, who is a lawyer from Stuart, Florida and joined the couple’s defense as well.  Michael had already been successful with a case related to medical marijuana and he was glad to meet up with Bob and Cathy Jordan.  The couple told him that they would not take any pleas and that they were willing to fight for their right to medicinal marijuana.

After some hard work and some advice from Matt Kumin, Allan Silber and David Michael, who are all attorneys and are in favored of legalizing weed, it was possible for the State Attorney to get the charges against Cathy and Bob Jordan dismissed.  According to the State Attorney’s explanation last week, he file a “no information” as he believed it was the right decision. He stated that he could not proceed in “good faith” as he saw proof of Cathy’s neurodegenerative disease, which affects her on a daily basis.  Cathy’s husband also stated that “if I could handle Vietnam, I can take whatever the State wants to try and hit me with. I am protecting my wife. No deals. No nothing. I want a trial. I want a jury to see my wife and try to convict her.”

Bob Jordan and Michael Minardi, refused to agree to a deferred prosecution plea and Matt Kumin, who has not had the pleasure of meeting Bob, called him “my hero.” Now, the courageous lawyer and the couple with a solid case law were able to prevail.

Some very talented NLC attorneys are also preparing to declare a judgment in court, which will create an exception for medical marijuana patients, just as Cathy Jordan and they even believe that they could get her confiscated marijuana back for her.

Still LotsTo Do For Legalizing Weed

Even if Cathy’s case seems to be going the right way, there is still a lot to do for legalizing weed around the world and it will certainly not be an easy task.  Even, if everything is going okay for Cathy and her husband, the “Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Bill is now stuck in the legislative committee and we still need to do a lot to get it approved.

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  1. Hell yeah! I want to live in Florida so bad when I get out of the Army and graduate from college! California is to far away from family for me :-) Where ever I call home weed must be legal.

  2. Hell yeah! I want to live in Florida so bad when I get out of the Army and graduate from college! California is to far away from family for me :-) Where ever I call home weed must be legal. GO Florida!!!

  3. Hooray! The more State AG's that we get sympathetic to the cause, the better.

  4. Thanks for your comments guys. Let's keep supporting and one day we will get cannabis legalized worldwide.