Friday, April 12, 2013

Massachusetts Discusses How Much Medical Marijuana A Person Can Have

What Is The Right Amount Of Medical Marijuana?

As you probably already know, there are plenty of discussions going on around the world, about the legalization of cannabis and in Massachusetts there is quite an interesting one going on.  The Massachusetts Department of Public Health is suggesting that the amount of medical marijuana that a person can have for 60 days, does not go over 10 ounces and this proposal has raised a lot a of concerns within the State’s law enforcement, but it would also benefit some people and would probably not affect society in any way.

Alan Gordon, who is Chief of the Westborough Police Department, stated that 10 ounces of marijuana could allow someone to roll around 300 to 500 joints and he also said, “If people are awake for 14 hours a day, they could be doing five joints, maybe six.”  During the interview, Gordon also talked about why he thinks 10 ounces of cannabis is too much and even stated that some people could end up selling some of the ganja that they don’t use, yet at Zip 420 we believe that this is very unlikely and there are many other cannabis activists who think the same.

There Are Many Ways To Use Medical Marijuana

I strongly believe that people, who need this herb for medicinal purposes, will not be selling their medicine to others, as this helps them to live a better life and people who use this herb as medicine, tend to share it with others who need too, rather than sell it to them. This has been seen in cannabis culture over the years and there is no doubt that few people would be selling their leftover herb.

According to Andy Gass, who is part of the Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition also spoke about the ten ounce possession rule and said, “A lot of people grind up rather large amounts of marijuana and put it in food they really could use it at that rate.”  Gauss would also say, “My Feeling is if you think it’s a calamity if some people get a hold of some marijuana and get high, you’re a fool.”

While Gordon is not in favor of allowing people to have 10 ounces of medical marijuana per 60 days, he is in favor of ailing patients with cannabis he just believes that this rule should be made for less ounces of the herb.
At the moment, the Department of Public Health is arranging a hearing for their proposition and it is expected to end by May.  Some of the regulations that are included in this proposal would allow doctors to recommend patients an amount larger to ten ounces of medical marijuana per 60 days, as long as there is proof of their illness.

This Medical Marijuana Proposal Needs To Be Accepted

Just like Andy Gaus said, there are many people who grind up their marijuana and use it for cooking. This technique does require large amounts of cannabis and because cooking with this herb, is something that people prefer more than smoking, this proposal should be accepted in Massachusetts and the world.

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