Monday, April 1, 2013

Pharmacies In The Czech Republic Will Now Sell Medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal Cannabis Will Be Widely Available In The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic will be the first ex communist country, to allow the sale of marijuana in its pharmacies for medicinal purposes.  The herb is meant to help patients with some of the following health problems: chronic pain, anorexia, cancer, aids, glaucoma and other diseases.

The amazing part about this is, that the medicinal cannabis that will be sold in these pharmacies will not come in the form of pills or liquids, but it will actually be sold as a plant or marijuana bud. They will even sell the female marijuana plant, perfectly cured and ready to be smoked or made into butter, so that it can be added to thousands of delicious recipes. Viktorie Plivova, who is a spokesperson for the Health Minister in the Czech Republic, stated that this will benefit patients even more, as the natural form of cannabis, is much better than those pills and artificial medicines that are available in some pharmacies.

According to some people, the law that will allow pharmacies within the Czech Republic territory to sell medicinal cannabis will begin in April, but it may still be a few months until all of the pharmacies have the herb available for sale and until some other regulations about this are still established.

With this new law, the Czech Republic is now part of the European countries that allow marijuana for medicinal purposes and these include:  Spain, Austria, Ireland and The Netherlands. According to Pilvova, the Health Department of the Czech Republic is also working on selecting the types of cannabis strains that will be allowed for sale in pharmacies, which should have a certain percentage of THC and CBD.  This will give patients the treatment and healing that they really need and will also help to keep this herb under control.

Medicinal Cannabis Should Be Sold In Every Pharmacy Of The World

The Czech Republic’s government, will establish some regulations for the growth and supervision of a cannabis field or growing operation, as they want to prevent any marijuana plants from ending up in the black market and they will also regulate the electronic prescriptions, which will be easy to follow by police, as they also want to prevent abuse and prescriptions being handed out to people who do not really need medicinal cannabis.

The legislative process for approving cannabis as a medicine in the Czech Republic started in February of 2012, when a group of politicians proposed the new law and it ended up being accepted a year later. During this entire year, doctors and medics from this country, debated about the effects of marijuana and what its real benefits are for chronic pain, extreme weight loss caused by some diseases, such as AIDS and cancer.

A New Tomorrow, Thanks To Medicinal Cannabis

With the new acceptance of cannabis sale in pharmacies within the Czech Republic, many people will be able to have a new future and will also start leading a better life.  Just like the Czech Republic, other countries of the world should follow on their footsteps and legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes. 

Legalizing this herb, for both medicinal and recreational purposes is needed worldwide, as the current laws are obviously not doing any good to anyone.  

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