Sunday, April 14, 2013

Vermont Is Decriminalizing The Possession Of Marijuana

A Bill That Decriminalizes The Possession Of Marijuana

It was not very long ago, that Rep. Tom Koch was against decriminalizing the possession of marijuana and making it a civil, instead of a criminal offense, as it currently stands. Just like Koch, there are millions of people around the world, who are changing their opinion on cannabis and this is why we are closer to legalization than ever. 

It was just this Friday, when Koch stood on Vermont's House floor and voted in favor of a bill that will decriminalize the possession of small amounts of cannabis and will make it a civil offense. Now, the numbers point to a marijuana decriminalization in Vermont, as more people are now supporting the cause and do not see any problems with people consuming this herb. 

Rep. Chris Pearson, who is a lead sponsor of this bill, said "We had very strong tripartisan and independent voting for this." The results were really positive, as the House voted 98-44 on this bill, which will now have another vote on Tuesday and if approved, it will be sent to the Senate, where it will be accepted and made possible. 

Why People Change Their Views On The Possession Of Marijuana

Just like Koch, other people have changed their views on cannabis and many now believe that it should be legalized. According to some sources, Koch and others, have changed their mind about this bill, because it was edited and it will not allow people to possess as much of this herb, as it once did.

The new bill, would make the possession of marijuana a civil offense and make this very similar to a driving ticket.  People who are caught with an ounce or less of cannabis, would only need to pay a fine and would not have to spend any time in jail. The fine could go as high as $300, which is almost half than what it is right now. 

The bill also states that people cannot smoke marijuana while they are driving and that this could lead to a fine of $500. The bill also specifies that it will create a task force, which will be in charge of finding better methods for detecting when people are driving under the influence of marijuana. 

Let's Decriminalize The Possession Of Marijuana In Vermont And The World

People who support this bill, believe that people who are caught with less than an ounce of cannabis should not face a criminal record, as this can affect their future, since some federal student loans, housing and jobs would become unavailable for people with such records. There are already 14 states of the US were the possession of marijuana has been decriminalized and this should happen worldwide. 

There is no doubt in my mind that prohibition does not work and this is why I believe marijuana must become legal everywhere soon. Marijuana is not only a hobby for some, but it is a medicine to many and there is no reason why someone should have the power to prohibit this from us. 

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