Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Young Celebrities Are Changing Some Marijuana Facts

Some Interesting Marijuana Facts

In the past, celebrities would not publicize their love for marijuana and they would certainly try to do anything not to get pictured smoking cannabis. But today, young celebrities are changing some of the marijuana facts that Tinseltown is used to and it appears that the public has no problem with it.

The legalization of cannabis is closer than ever and today, young celebrities like Rihanna, Chace Crawford, Armie Hammer, Michael Phelps, Lady Gaga, Kirsten Stewart, Jennifer Capriati and others, are coming out of the smoking marijuana closet and admitting that they love the herb in public. Unlike what other, more mature celebrities did when they were young and this has led to young fans to create a more positive view of marijuana and to learn that it is not as bad as they say.

Young Celebrities Create Marijuana Facts

As we have already written about in this blog, Rhianna has gained a true affection for Mary Jane and she has proven that she loves this plant. She has used pictures of marijuana leaves for her album’s art, she has pictures of herself with a Valentine’s bouquet of cannabis, her 25th birthday was celebrated in a marijuana related way, as her cake had a cannabis leaf on it and she even tattooed a cannabis leaf on her body as well.  For all of this, Rhianna has really gained popularity and most of her fans have actually supported her cannabis use.

Lady Gaga would also come out of the “I smoke marijuana closet”, when she made it public on the 60 Minutes show, with Anderson Cooper and were she stated “I smoke a lot of pot when I write music.”  The most known marijuana facts include musicians smoking cannabis to create beautiful music and Lady Gaga has proven this to be true once more.

Even the beautiful young actress from “The Twilight” and other great movies, Kirsten Stewart, has admitted to smoking marijuana and she has also told the press that she does not believe that her smoking cannabis is a big deal at all.

Frank Ocean is also one of the young celebrities who came out of the “I smoke marijuana closet”, although he did it in an involuntary way. Frank was cited for being caught with marijuana in California and a few days after the citation, the young man would text a Tweet saying “hi guys, I smoke pot. Ok guys, bye”. After a few more days, the supposed scandal had disappeared from the media and almost nobody was creating any fuzz about it.

According to Howard Bragman, who is an important Hollywood publicist, nobody is really surprised or scared when a young celebrity admits that they like smoking cannabis or when they are caught with the herb anymore, as this is rapidly becoming part of the marijuana facts list that we know.  Bragman’s actual words were, “nobody cares. Society has moved on. It’s not in the top 10 of what bad things celebrities can do. I would much rather have a client get caught smoking a joint than a DUI. One is a potential harm to you and one is a potential harm to other people, and that’s a huge difference. Nobody smokes a joint and gets violent. They get violent with a bag of Doritos. That’s about the worst thing that happens.”

The Real Marijuana Facts

Just as Howard Bragman said, smoking cannabis is not a danger to society and I strongly believe that young celebrities will help the legalization of cannabis to become true real soon. Some pools have already proven that more than 45% of Americans are in favor of legalizing this herb, which means that we are not very far away from seeing this in the US and soon all over the world.

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