Thursday, April 4, 2013

Still Legalizing Marijuana

The People Are Legalizing Marijuana 

If you have been reading this blog for the past few weeks, you should already know that the States of Washington and Colorado, were the first US States to allow adults the use cannabis for recreational purposes and that 16 more have also authorized cannabis for medicinal purposes as well. Today, I want to tell you about something that is going on in Washington, as the State's government is now saying that they will start raiding some of the bars and restaurants that are not following the new marijuana laws to the fullest, as some are allowing people to smoke marijuana inside their establishments, which was not accepted when the State was talking about legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes within its borders.

According to the new marijuana laws in Washington, cannabis is free to be consumed by any adult; it just can't be consumed in public, which means that any licensed establishment or marijuana dispensary, should not be allowing its clients to light up a joint inside their buildings. Some entrepreneurs have come up with a savvy alternative, as they have built or created separate rooms inside their establishments, were people can go to smoke some herb, but the State's government is still trying to decide, whether this will be accepted or not. 

A Few More Meetings And Legalizing Marijuana Will Be Even Closer Than We Think

According to Brian Smith, who is a spokesman for the State's Liquor Control Board, which is now in charge of how recreational marijuana is used within the State "the law prevents public display of cannabis use, including in restaurants and bars." Doing so, could lead to an infraction of $103 for the person consuming the herb and Smith also stated that "you can't open it up, you can't show somebody and you certainly can't smoke it or ingest it in some way in a public place." Smith also talked about two bars, located in the Pacific Northwest, where the owners and clients were consuming cannabis and he also stated that there are many more that are doing the same thing.

While this is the State's point of view, the business owners and people who voted in favor of legalizing marijuana in Washington State have another. Jeff Call, who is the owner of Stonegate Pizza and Rum Bar, talked about how he decided to construct a separate lounge or room, where the clients who so decide, could  smoke marijuana in.

Call also stated, that he is willing to work with the authorities and that he even wants to. "It all depends on the rules. We want to comply. I am trying to work with the state. We are trying to do it in a responsible manner," he said. 

The owner of Frankie 's Sports Bar & Grill, Frank Charr, also decided to build an extra room for his clients to consume cannabis in and he also has his own point of view about this. "It got passed for recreational use, they should let it be smoked everywhere." said Charr to the press and he even stated that he will not take down his room and take the matter to court if necessary. 

It will be on May 22nd, when the Liquor Control Board meets to draft for new cannabis regulations. It will then meet again on June 26 to listen to what the people have to say about these new regulation and it will finally meet again on July 3rd to either approve or deny these new regulations. Whether effective or not, the new marijuana laws will take action on August 3rd, which means that legalizing marijuana is no longer a dream. 

Marijuana has already been legalized in 18 States of the US and it is also allowed in many other countries of the world. This past Monday, Rhode Island passed a law about legalizing marijuana, which includes decriminalizing small amount possession of cannabis and more are sure to come. If it is already accepted for recreational use, marijuana should be allowed to be consumed everywhere. If the establishments have their own separate rooms for this, there should not be any problem, as no children or people who do not want to be near cannabis, will actually be close to it. 

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